Councilman Cummins receives five new endorsements for Ward 14 - Oakar, Smith, Cintron, Torres & D'Amico

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Mary Rose Oakar, Helen K. Smith and three Primary Candidates endorse Councilman Cummins for Ward 14 seat

Following the successful first place win in the Primary Election for Cleveland City Council’s new Ward 14, Councilman Brian Cummins announced this morning five new endorsements from prominent former elected officials and three Candidates from the recent Ward 14 Primary.

The supporters include three former Cleveland City Council representatives; former Congresswoman and longtime West Side resident Mary Rose Oakar; veteran activist, and nonprofit advisor Helen K. Smith; and, Nelson Cintron Jr.  Recent Ward 14 candidates Moises Torres and James D’Amico are also supporting Councilman Cummins.

In receiving the endorsements Councilman Cummins stated,

“I am honored and thankful for the support of Congresswoman Oakar and Council representatives Smith and Cintron.  I appreciate the support this provides me in my outreach to the Hispanic community through the endorsements of councilman Cintron and Moises Torres.  James D’Amico’s support is important as he has proven himself as an effective advocate for the community.  I welcome their support and advice on my campaign.”

In summary,  here are all of the endorsements of prominent individuals and organizations that are supporting Councilman Cummins’ bid for election to the new Ward 14.

  • Mary Rose Oakar - former Congresswoman and longtime West Side resident
  • Helen K. Smith - former Cleveland City Councilwoman, veteran activist, and nonprofit advisor
  • Nelson Cintron, Jr. - former Cleveland City Councilman
  • Moises Torres - 2009 Ward 14 Primary Election Candidate
  • James D’Amico - 2009 Ward 14 Primary Election Candidate
  • Boilermakers Union, Local Lodge 744 - "His experience, dedication, and professionalism on behalf of the citizens of the city of Cleveland is commendable...we support Brian Cummins in his endeavor and wish him the best"
  • C.A.R.E./I.L.A., Local 1975 AFL-CIO (Cleveland, EMS (Emergency Medical Service))
  • Cleveland American Middle East Organization (C.A.M.E.O.)
  • Cleveland Stonewall Democrats
  • The Fraternal Order of Police, Cleveland Lodge #8
  • Green Party of Ohio
  • International Association of Firefighters - Local 93
  • The Plain Dealer - "No one doubts his brains or his honesty...His background in the Peace Corps and community Development fits Ward 14's needs...Council surely needs members who ask hard questions...He's the clear choice..."
  • United West Side Market Tenants Association - "...The UWMTA [Association] is comprised of approximately 100 small businesses within your neighboring ward. We share many of the same needs and goals. We applaud your...efforts and involvements..."
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And, as reported by the Plain Dealer --

Nelson Cintron picks Brian Cummins over longtime ally Rick Nagin in Cleveland's contentious Ward 14 City Council race

By Henry J. Gomez, The Plain Dealer, September 23, 2009
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