Come in from the Cold

Submitted by RWaxman-Lenz on Sat, 03/12/2005 - 10:45.

Mary Black: Songs for Ireland.  She invites us in with the warmth of her voice and the liveliness of her song.  How lucky we are to have the Cleveland Museum of Art include in their Festival of Performing Arts the talents of Mary Black, a singer from Dublin.  As she comes on stage, she tells us as that she loves the snow we have here in Cleveland and that last night she took the opportunity to romp in this white world and throw some snowballs.  Now she draws us into her world of melodies and Irish rhythms, playfully sharing her stories of Ireland and blending together Celtic and American folk music.  She sings to us of the sadness of a couple parting as a soldier goes off to war; she weaves a melody around the joy of two lovers; she energizes the audience with the drum beats and riffs of her supporting drummer, guitarist, and keyboard player.

She sings, “O the sky was clear, the morn was fair/ No breath came over the sea / When Mary left her highland home / And wandered forth with me.�  And so fortunate we are that Mary came from her highland home to share her lilting voice with Cleveland.

The Cleveland Museum of Art sponsors "Viva! A Festival of Performing Arts".  The concert took place in the Gartner Auditorium of the Museum on Friday, March 11, 2005 at 7:30 p.m.  The Ensemble included Pat Crowley on keyboard and accordian, Bill Shanley on guitar, James Blennerhassett on bass and guitar, and Martin Ditchham on drums and percussion.  Mary Black sang in Cleveland previously three years ago.