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Author Rich Benjamin on the current migration of separatism.  It is a phenomena of exurb, ethnophobic,white-flight, to utopian ultra-White, Republican enclaves.

Check out Benjamin's NPR interview here.  Visit the "Whitopia" website here.


In real NEO Whitopias

In our Xurbs, the white high school kids painted swastikas on the high schools in recognition of Obama becoming President.

When my daughter moved from Medina, Ohio, to Austin, Texas, she said she was so glad to leave - "that was the most racist place I've ever been", was her reason.

Hater patents beget hater kids, who become hater parents.


Disrupt IT


 All of these postings are increasing my anxieties for the children of my multicultural family. I worry about what these wonderful kids will have to deal with as they grow up and are subjected to the world beyond their families. The only solution for now is to install such love and affirmation of who they are that by the time they encounter the hate, they will know that this is an outside force, not a part of themselves, and will continue to grow up to be as loving as they are loved themselves.

Amen, tell it like it is

Debbie, you got it right.

I have a blond-haired, white son, but I'm Black and non-hetro.  It's a very interesting story as to how all that came about.   

Though since he was taught to put love above all else--at a very early age--he knows the truth, and sees FOX News and Co. for what it is,

US hegemony, corporate welfare, religious bigotry, stealth racism and a collective imperialist mindset created all this extreme wealth disparity--xenophobia.

This country needs to get real.




and fear is the fuel

while an under-educated (ok - ignorant) populace is the kindling.

I live with this everyday

 Thank you Eternity for asking folks to look in the mirror and to see themselves. 

Recently, the Plain Dealer ran an article about the contributions of immigrants...I have to ask why were Africans and Dominicans relegated to the 31% other...

Not the immigrants we want?  

Whitopia, Middle East occupations and Oreo cookies

Laura, you ask of Africans and Dominicans, are they "Not the imigrants we want?"

I think you answered your own question.

Still, it's good to see that Cleveland has such a diverse immigrant population.  And though I think it's terrific that so many immigrants are here working--starting businesses--it seems a bit odd that the leadership of the country fails to provide ample opportunities of entepreneurship for native born.  Yet amply funding private banks with socialist corporate welfare programs paid for by the people, many of whom are unemployed, under-employed, uninsured and/or facing forclosure and bankrupcy.

Instead of bombing the Middle East, we need to be spending money on our own house of domestic disrepair.

Between the pentagon "losing" 2.3 trillion dollars under Rumsfeld (an announcement that was made September 10, 2001), welfare for the Goldman Sachs Junta and the Obama-Bush wars and occupations, the people of this nation has been fleeced to the tune of about $5T (5,000,000,000,000) just in the in the last decade.

All that money, about $15k per man, woman and child spent on military aggression and bailouts for the ever-greedy corporate elites.

Imagine what kind of America we would have if we spent that kind of dough on education, alternative energy investments, a national high-speed rail system, job training, the arts and other domestic needs.

Because what America really needs and deserves is a post-digital Works Projects Administration (WPA).  Yet under the guidance of our current "War President" it doesn't seem like that'will happen.

So much for "Yes We Can".

We all need to look in the mirror, this being doubly true from our Commander-in- Chief.

God bless RealNeo.