Mystery Contract w/Tien, Death Cloud and more $$$ used to poison CLE residents

Submitted by lmcshane on Thu, 06/13/2013 - 07:28.

 It became apparent last night that the Jackson administration staged this whole contract with Peter Tien for kickbacks.  It was actually apparent before last night - Jackson and his willing conspirators at Sweeney-controlled council awarded a contract to Peter Tien--a contract that defies comprehension.

This outfit with no proven experience or track record has been paid with your money and will continue to be paid to tune of half a million dollars and more - public be damned. 

The Ohio EPA staged hearing at Estabrook last night for residents turns out to have been just another dirty trick.  The hearing meant nothing, because the City resubmitted Tien's proposal for a gasifier and modified it with fake numbers and a higher stack to qualify for the lower (no hearing required) status of "minor" pollutant source.  This should be familiar, because the City of Cleveland just foisted Vadxx, another "minor" polluter on an east side residential neighborhood, with the same evil strategy.  

When is enough, ENOUGH?  

Mayor Jackson sent Ken Sillman, Maureen Harper, and Jenita McGowan to last night's presentation.  Jackson was not there. The only sitting council persons present were Brian Cummins and Jay Westbrook - who both testified (note: all council passed the original shady contract).  

Challengers to sitting political reps testified: Ken Lanci, who is challenging Frank Jackson, and former Ward 14 councilman Nelson Cintron, challenging Brian Cummins, and Carrie Kurutz, challenging Joe Cimperman.  To my knowledge these were the only challengers to present at last night's "hearing."  Brian Kazy, who is challenging Brian Cummins, was there, but did not testify.

If this passes with Ohio EPA   (which is almost guaranteed)- Citizens have only one recourse: to file an appeal with the Environmental Reviews Appeals Commission, Vern Riffe Center, 77 South High St. 17th Floor, Columbus, OH 43215 (614) 466-8950.  

Nelson Cintron mentioned some of the legislative options available to Cleveland City Council - like introducing an emergency ordnance to withdraw the permit application.  I broached the topic with Brian Cummins and Jay Westbrook - and it will be revelatory to see whether they even try.  

In any case, the terms of this bogus contract with Peter Tien were hatched by someone in the Mayor's office who knew what they were doing when they put this contract together.  Cleveland Council FAILED miserably in their duty of protecting the public from FRAUD and what is clearly racketeering involving contracts and waste management.


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