Cuyahoga County representation?

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Does Cuyahoga County represent Cleveland? Is Cleveland part of Cuyahoga County? What is the center community of Cuyahoga County? Bay Village?

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Where do you live?

Do you represent and get paid by one community and live in another?

Your mortgage?

Did HUD help to pay your mortgage in Bay Village? 

Your salary?

Do the taxpayers of Cleveland pay your salary?

Peter Lawson Jones

From Rosemary Palmer:

Dear Friends,

My husband and I have been working to help re-elect Peter Lawson Jones as County Commissioner because we have gotten to know him as a decent man who works very hard at getting good things going in this county. He has frequently been on the losing end of 2-1 votes because his is an independent voice. Among other things, he voted against the additional, unvoted sales tax for medical mart. His opponent in this race promoted that tax, but now says it was a bad idea. (She was for it before she was against it.)

The Plain Dealer blames all the county woes on the fact that there are no Republicans on the County Commission and since Peter is the only Commissioner with opposition, they support the Republican in his race. We don't think that's fair. They should be instead looking at the quality work of the individual, not the total commission.

There will be two debates between Peter and his opposition. The first is this Tuesday at the Euclid Public Library, 631 E. 222 St., Euclid and the second is Sept. 23, at 21016 Hilliard Blvd., Umerley Civic Center

It is very important that Peter has a supportive crowd at these debates. Can you attend either or both of them? Please let me know!

Rosemary Palmer


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