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While there are rights to recourse towards CIVIL TORT CLAIMS and remedies under the RICO Laws for CIVIL CLASS ACTION SETTLEMENT OPTIONS of Recourse....what lawyer do you know that will actually put their career on the line---SUING CUYAHOGA COUNTY GOVERNMENT in a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT by the CITIZENS of CUYAHOGA COUNTY??? 

At the end of the day, the taxpayers would be getting paid back from their own payments into the's almost comical!

Cuyahoga County and the City of Cleveland are both "SELF INSURED" 'political subdivisions'. Under Ohio Revised Code, Chapter 2744: POLITICAL SUBDIVISION TORT LIABILITY, you'll find several subchapters that outline what is covered by the self insured pools as listed below: 

Tell us all... WHO DARES SUE CUYAHOGA COUNTY GOVERNMENT on behalf of the over 1 million folks who've been abused by these corrupt officials???? Please enlighten me.... This is about every citizen who's resided in Cuyahoga County over the last 40 years!!! Specifically, those who've resided here since Russo, Rokakis, Dimora, and all the rest of them have been in public, how long is that???

I recommend having residential property taxes abated for at least 15 years for all citizens...reducing wasteful government spending and big government jobs and inspiring for profit economic development that would empower our people instead of raping them with more fees upon fees to keep these public servants working!!! Fire them all... Tell those County Employees to go get real jobs instead of their laissez faire part time (So called) work as county employees.... that is non productive, far from cost effective and predominantly ineffective to progress!!! 

STEP UP CITIZENS and line up to get your civil damages..... you've all paid the ultimate sacrifices to your existence in this town. But, I will note in advance----the up front costs of representing this claim to any law firm would be beyond most of our "AFFORDABILITY" and that is why most attorneys turn a blind eye and deaf ear to these social injustices...

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Some County employees actually work very hard

and 'firing them all' is not a solution.

It is possible to fire a good third or even half of government employees and not even notice that they are actually gone or see an increase in the work load, but there are some very knowledgable and hard working employees that cover the asses of what I refer to as 'lemons'.


The 80/20 Rule of Cuyahoga County....

20%(Hardworkers) carry the load for the other 80%(LEMONS)...

I appreciate and respect the few whose performance is untainted by the corruption and is sustained by some miraculous inner spirit that has remained steadfast through the years of survival against th"regime" locally.

Amazingly, the "ATTITUDE" that has become the status quo of "THIS IS THE WAY IT IS" (Be corrupt or don't get the connections you need towards anything in Cuyahoga County is an insult to both long term residents and those who desire doing right by our community. When citizens are stonewalled by the "REGIME"-then progress is derailed. 

I don't even know if you could go as high as the 80/20 rule in Cuyahoga County...

My salute to the small percent of folks who did not falter under the regime of corruption.

Yet, I find it disdainful to all those who participated, enjoyed the benefits of living large along the line at our expense, and who were incompetent at doing anything that was for the greater good of our public at large. 

It's pathetic to be expected to "ACCEPT" the corrupt attitude and eat the shit of those who've been corrupt all along.... Their way of life should be exterminated...

When I think of the hundreds of thousands of innocent citizens who've been victims of the corrupt "system"... I do not hesitate to feel any empathy for those who have violated us or their guilty associates. There is not enough time on earth left  to punish any of those folks as much as they have violated the citizens at large.

Force Dimora & Russo and their corrupt regime to live in an abandoned building, eat at soup kitchens, serve the homeless, wear second hand clothing provided by churches, stand in lines for emergency assistance, sit in front of caseworkers asking for help and being denied, and stonewall them at every door for infinity. Make them stand in parks wearing signs that exploit their terrorism portrayed on the public. Allow the people an opportunity to rebuke them publicly. Have no mercy...for they have not shown any to our citizens. Forever remember that MIDDLE FINGER of Dimora's at the citizens...

And for those who were not involved.....stand them up in a lineup, give them awards, allow the public to salute their service, and do be considerate of rewarding their hardwork...but get rid of the lemons for sure!!!!