Dance, Dance!!

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It's halfway through the school year, and despite major setbacks, Valerie Salstrom is again grooming the young people in our neighborhood into sophisticated adults.

The Cleveland Junior Jitterbugs practice after school on Tuesday and Wednesdays in the Rivers of Living Waters Church on the corner of Denison and West 33rd St.--adjacent to Denison School.  The next program will start up on Tuesday, January 17th .  Children in the 5th, 6th or 7th grade are encouraged to join the team for the next season.

The Cleveland Junior Jitterbugs' after school swing dance program is made possible by a generous grant from Neighborhood Connections, Macali's Giant Eagle, Rivers of Living Waters Church, Progressive Arts Alliance, Miss Perry, and Santina Protopapa.  The Cleveland Junior Jitterbugs' t-shirts were paid for by swing dance friends in England--the Caledonia Swing Dance Society.

The performance for parents at the Rivers of Living Waters Church on Friday, December 17th included a very classic swing dance routine called the Lindy Chorus.  This routine was created by the legendary Savory Ballroom swing dancer Frankie Manning. The students performed to Andy Kirk's Wednesday Night Hop with moves from the Lindy Hop and Charleston.

If you can help--please contact Valerie Salstrom at 216-374-1927

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