? of the Day: Does PD Columnist Kevin O'Brien Cause Northeast Ohioans Economic And Environmental Harm

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Thu, 10/08/2009 - 04:15.

I have noticed, in the reader comments at Cleveland.com to their coverage about the great "Crisis at FirstEnergy" Lightbulb rip-off scheme, that many people in Northeast Ohio don't quite grasp this is an example of extreme monopoly corporate corruption of government - big, bad corporation using corrupt lawyers, lobbyists and politicians to steal $ millions from hard working citizens. That is not the work of Tree Huggers. Yet, the tone of Plain Dealer readers is to shoot the environmentalists, and Obama.

I realize there are many people of NEO who will blame even the worse corporate corruption, like this, on the most innocent people, like environmentalists, and have wondered why.

Today, in an Editorial in the Cleveland Plain Dealer that demonstrates columnist Kevin O'Brien's complete disconnect from reality, the Pied Piper of NEO NEOCONs shines his red light on the blatant opportunism of FirstEnergy, in their attempts to rip-off ratepayers, and concludes it is the result of a blue government plot against COAL.

The Great Light Bulb Boondoggle is the leading edge of an energy-reduction effort to comply with commands the government of Ohio has issued to the tides of technology.

Those commands -- to foist immature and inefficient generation methods on consumers and push aside less expensive, more efficient power sources, like coal -- will be enforceable only at great expense to the public.

It is time for the people of real NEO to call for a complete investigation of the Crisis at FirstEnergy, and for a new age of enlightenment about the real pollution and energy crises in Northeast Ohio, largely due to poor and corrupt leadership right here in our community, as they are really killing our people and economy.

? of the Day: Does PD Columnist Kevin O'Brien Cause Northeast Ohioans Economic And Environmental Harm for his misinforming coverage of environmental issues, like this?

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small hard hearts

 i think the attitudes shining through on the peedee commentary indicate the nature of many american hearts - small and hard. i think its a natural consequence from the sin of greed (thank you capitalism).

O'Brien is the head of the class.