DAYTON -- Hundreds gathered in Courthouse Square to sing the praises of medicinal marijuana...

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DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) - Dozens gathered at the courthouse steps in downtown Dayton on Saturday, to push for laws to legalize medical marijuana.

There was an important public health and social justice activist gathering in Ohio, this past weekend - groups supportive of legalizing medical marijuana in Ohio gathered at Courthouse Square, located at the corner of Third and Main Streets in the heart of downtown Dayton in support of H.B. 478, Ohio’s Medical Compassion Act that will allow for the medicinal use of cannabis.

I don't know if this was reported in Cleveland, but television in Dayton certainly picked up the story. The clip embedded above is from channel 2.

The best coverage I've seen was on Channel 45 - the video can't be embedded so you must watch that at the Channel 45 site - the story is posted below:

DAYTON -- Hundreds gathered in Courthouse Square to sing the praises of medicinal marijuana...including Niki Wilkerson who says it's done wonders for her health condition.

"I don't feel like popping 10 or 15 pills a day and the fibromyalgia is unbearable at times, it brings me to tears," she says. "So I'm here to support herbal medicine and the only thing that helps that pain."
The crowd is championing House Bill 478 which was introduced earlier this year.
It would make Ohio the 15th state in the country to legalize cannibus to help treat things from cancer to Crohn's Disease.

"We're here to show our frustration to our legislators for treating us like criminals when we're not," says advocate and medical marijuana patient Tonya Davis.
She feels lawmakers should do more research.

"Ohio...especially Dayton, has a big addiction rate with methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, crack," she said. "They should be worried about that and make marijuana offenses the lowest priority."
Some Ohio legislators do support the concept of medical pot but say this bill has missing parts that can't be ignored.
But Davis says those who need the drug's benefits can't wait.

"You know, there's a lot of people that are dying for making a choice that, literally, is safer than alcohol."
Others believe the plant is toxic and has more adverse effects than the crowd that filled downtown Dayton Saturday sings a different tune...
The rally was hosted by the Ohio Patients Network and the Miami Valley chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.
Rally to Legalize Medicinal Marijuana

Saturday, November 13 2010, 08:07 PM EST

Here is the event announcement on Facebook - a place to connect and make new friends interested in the cause of legalizing MMJ... but know Big Brother will be watching you there... and here...:

Saturday, Nov 13, from 12:00pm- 4:20 PM groups will gather at Courthouse Square,located at the corner of Third and Main Streets in the heart of downtown Dayton in support of H.B. 478, Ohio’s Medical Compassion Act that will allow for the medicinal use of cannabis.
Tonya Davis one of the organizers of the event is inviting cannabis community leaders from all over the state to be heard, “with 73% of Ohioans supporting the compa...ssionate use of marijuana, it is time we force our legislators to do what the majority of Ohioans want.

We are urging everyone who can make it to attend a “informational event for Ohioans to learn about the Ohio Medical Compassion Act, what it means for Ohio’s patients, and what medical cannabis can do for those with chronic and debilitating medical conditions."

live music Will be amazing: We have booked

Organic Bandits a hip hop group from Wilmington Ohio

Ulrich Van Cru Acoustic.

Zebulon of Babylon acoustic

Bluegrass performed by Blue Moon Soup from Yellow Springs, Ohio

Key Note Speakers confirmed:

Update: Representative Bob Hagan co sponsor of HB478 will be doing his best to make a appearance to speak to us unless he has to work on the railroad.

♥ Tonya Davis Medical marijuana Director Ohio NORML, Miami Valley NORML, and the American Alliance for Medical Cannabis
VP of Ohio Patient Network which is involved with creation of HB478 Tonya is also a patient.

♥ Criminal Defense Attorney Charles Rowland who is a former Ohio Prosecutor and a Law Enforcement against Prohibition Member

♥ Criminal Defense Attorney Mark Babb who specializes in marijuana criminal defense

♥ Jenna VanHouten A drug war victim and a new activist. You dont want to miss her story

♥ Dawn Dunlap President of Central Ohio NORML , a Patient and a wonderful passionate Activist. Dawn was also involved with HB478

♥ Cindy Wimer A patient, Activist and State Director with the WV American Alliance for Medical Cannabis.

♥ Television show host Niki Wilkerson from the Niki Wilkerson Show

♥ Libertarian Party of Ohio's Central Committee Chair, Luke McKellar, and candidate for Beavercreek City Council in 2007

♥ Kurtis Nelson Army Veteran, co host 420 buzz TV show in Lake co ca. Activist from Akron Oh

♥ Doc Miller radio host and long time Activist and a medical cannabis patient

♥ Hospice Patient Rodney Peters- Medical cannabis patient

Please join Leaders from all over the state:

as we stand up for our rights.
as we stand up to be heard.
as we stand up for those who can not stand up for themselves.
as we stand up for our medicine.

For those of you thinking you might stay home.. Think about it this way...The way I look at it... this is no different than when the gay community came out into the light and said Hello we exist...!!! Would things have changed if you had stayed in the closet?Or what about the African american community? If Rosa Parks had not sat at the front of that bus and had just remained quiet and done as she was told and went to the back of the bus.. Where would we be today?

This event is hosted by Miami Valley NORML

Sponsors so far Ohio NORML - Hemprock Productions- Ohio Libertarian Party

How can you help? Well the following is what we still need so far.

We also can vend because we are a non profit .

WE still need one or two more musical talents

volunteers to make signs. example would be Honk if you support medical marijuana

Volunteers to help set up - Would have to be there around 11:30

Volunteers to clean up after the event after 3 PM

We would like to have more folks vending or sponsors for this event.

We need our friends/ members to tell everyone you know about this event.

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Medical Marijuana

My 50-year-old brother-in-law is dying and is only expected to live for another few months.

On occasion he smokes marijuana, and I believe he should smoke more often.   I prefer to see him happy, energized and in less pain- which is what happens when he smokes.    When he is not smoking he is basically lifeless, sleeping, and in severe pain.

I also believe that marijuana eases his fear of dying.  When he smokes marijuana he does not mention his imminent death.  When he is not smoking he constantly talks about his fear of dying.

Even his physical appearance changes when he smokes.

In my opinion, marijuana is the best medical treatment available to my brother-in-law.  Marijuana should be medically available to all of those that are in the same situation.  I prefer to see the benefits of 'illegal' marijuana versus 'legal' morphine.

I would like to record his before/after reaction to marijuana so that everyone can really see the benefits of medical marijuana.  It is unbelievable.

Modern math?

Ok, how did the 'dozens' mentioned in the article at the link (and the accompanying video) get turned into hundredes in the headline here?

One channel reported 100s... another dozens

One channel reported 100s... another dozens.

Modern journalists raised on Modern Math, or not...

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Or perhaps Modern

Or perhaps Modern Journalists raised on Medical Marijuana   :)

Those seem to be OK

Those seem to be OK - I know a few and they are some of the best writers in town.

I suspect the ones on Prozac are a bigger problem.

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