DebFEE Math Problems Continue

Submitted by rmill on Wed, 10/29/2008 - 15:41.


How happy will they be when they find out DebFEE raised fees and cut public safety forces while sitting on an illegal $15 MILLION SLUSH FUND(now down to about $12.6M)?!?!?!

The funny things is DebFEE brags about her special reserve fund. She did it at the last debate.

DebFEE: How proud I am to violate state law and my own city ordinance. Look at how big my illegal slush fund is. $15 M.

Angry Citizen: If you have all this money, why not use it for the City and not raise my fees?

DebFEE: If I spend it, what will I have to brag about? I haven't really done anything else. Instead I'll raise the fees on homeowners by $275,000 to pick up garbage and run the sewers.

Concerned Senior: Well times are tough and prices of everything are up. Please do not cut my programs or my grandkids.

DebFEE: Oh, good idea. I almost forgot them. Lets raise rec fees on kids and on senior programs, cause times are tough.

Firefighter: At least we won't be putting poeoples lives at risk because with a $15 M fund, surely Bay can afford a full compliment of public safety forces.

DebFEE: Not so fast bub! Let's cut firefighters, we don't need them either because we don't have fires in Bay.

State Auditor: Excuse me Mayor, but what about all these problems on your state audit about appropriating funds with insufficient fund balances for years now (since 2005). With that $15 M, surely you can fix some of those problems?

DebFEE: No, I need my special fund. It's mine... and it's special. Oh and by the way, I forgot I just signed over about $2.5 M of that fund to the State of Ohio but can't remember when I talk at a debate or to the press. How will I ever keep track of all those county dollars???? I should go to school for that I guess.

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