Vatican Extraterrestrial Inquest? Strategic Perspectives speaker raises eyebrows

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With trepidation, I listened as Horn quoted Monsignor Corrado Balducci (an exorcist, theologian, personal friend of the pope, and the Vatican’s now deceased head spokesperson for things extraterrestrial): “They are not angels, and they are not demons… They are morally superior to us.” Following this, Horn states:Turning his focus to a darker and, yes, more extraterrestrial angle here, Tom asks what in the world the Vatican is doing on Mt. Graham. And what are they looking at with the world’s largest binocular telescope and infrared instrument named “LUCIFER”?

normal">I’d like to baptize an alien into the Catholic faith.” Well that’s not what they’re saying today. What they’re saying now is that they [aliens] are coming here and they’re going to baptize us into their faith and it is going to require us to make changes to our knowledge, to our understanding, of the Gospel. In fact, some of their deepest theologians have said, “Perhaps everything we think we know about the Gospel is going to have to be thrown out.



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