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Submitted by Susan Miller on Fri, 01/26/2007 - 12:59.
02/24/2007 - 19:00
02/24/2007 - 22:00

Colleen Clark and Larry Muha perform a contact improv-based duet

photo of contact duet from Germany yep the phenom is worldwide!!!

What is Contact Improv?

Check out this video of

Steve Paxton and Nancy Stark Smith inFall After Newton”

  • Doors open @ 7:00pm
  • Sneak Reviews @ Dave Perkowski's latest renew project
  • Suggested $5 Donation
  • Food and Beverages provided
  • Welcome to enter and leave throughout the performances
  • For More Info, Contact: Megan Pitchermeglouisedance [at] yahoo [dot] com 616.502.1019


The Erie Building
260 West 4th Street
Cleveland, OH
United States
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