Looks like Ohio will be Birthplace to yet another President - no matter what your beliefs, that will pay off for Ohio's Economy

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Mon, 12/13/2010 - 15:44.

An original John F. Kennedy Democrat - paid-his-way through college - self-made-rich made Reagan Republican - this interview on 60 Minutes shows Boehner is highly emotional, very proud, business-like, with firm middle-American (Ohio) roots, firmly planted in his world... which is most of Ohio and middle America's dream-world, which has included achieving the American Dream... going en mass to mass EVERY MORNING... growing up one of 12 children in a modest, small house near Cincinnati... nice siblings... nice wife... what's not to like?

I'll find out for myself.

I intend to challenge Boehner on my core objectives for transforming the economy of Ohio and America, and will see where we find common ground.

My #1 priority is reducing harm from pollution here and worldwide. We need impartial science driving effective climate change legislation and environmental justice regulation - world-wide - to address our global environmental crises during our time together on common ground Earth.

Boehner needs to do far better than Obama addressing climate change and the poisoning of citizens across America and especially in Boehner's home state of Ohio - in highly trans-polluted urban cores like Cincinnati and Cleveland, where Republican Governor Kasich must pay for the harm caused to citizens by pollution by funding failing urban school systems filled with toxic, underperforming environmental justice victims, who very often cause crime and end up costing the state more in criminal and justice system costs, and paying for public healthcare for catastrophic pollution-related conditions, like lead poisoning and cancer - A VERY EXPENSIVE BUSINESS MODEL FOR OHIO AND AMERICA - and none of that is optimally-productive, to businessmen like Boehner.

Clearly Boehner is smart and well backed and will succeed in surprising ways as Speaker of the House... especially coming out of the legislative and economic depression of 2009-10 - and he is not likely to get caught in scandal - and he shall shovel "common ground" across America until most Americans feel it under their feet... even if just in their dreams - so Boehner will very likely be elected President, after Obama... it is up to Obama to determine if that is in 2012 or 2016... and it is Boehner's office to lose in 2012.

Unless Obama is uniquely successful in the coming six months or so, in some unimaginable way - stands out above the common ground Boehner will bulldoze on top of him - Obama is out in 2012... Biden is not Presidential material... and there are no Democrats clearly standing in Obama's West Wings - most high-profile Democratic leaders don't even seem to like Obama right now... Bill Clinton is not an option.

We are headed into a 4-5 sub-party showdown in 2012 - Blue, Purple, Red, Tea, Pot, Green and God Knows what else - and only Boehner now appears able to make anything common out of any of that, and he must, as Speaker of the House, or America will fail further in the two years leading to the election... and that won't get him elected President.

Expect extraordinary effort - the wife's at home in Ohio and Boehner is in DC, and he has his head down and is focused on the end zone. Looks like Ohio will be Birthplace to yet another President.

No matter what your political beliefs, that will pay off very well for Ohio leading to 2012, and for the 4-8 years thenafter.

Let's hope Boehner does better than all the last Presidents from Ohio - he'll have the future of the world in his hands.

Better all start shaking hands, folks.

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common ground - not compromise

he reminded me of my family.


honestly? we could do worse?

We shall see... I'll be analyzing my issues

We shall see... I'll be analyzing my issues

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