Did Councilman Joe Cimperman throw Senyak under the bus?

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Some interesting reading.  Has Cimperman decided that Senyak is no longer of use to him?

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Perhaps the general public

Perhaps the general public has decided it has no use for Henry.

He should focus on counting light bulbs.


throwing senyak under the bus

here is the wkyc video that spured the latest debate. A lot of work by many citizens, including Henry Senyak, went into this effort.  The updated regulations are way overdue. I hope that Henry etal continue to work on this, and push it forward for those of us that live in the city neighborhoods.

I think some people are fanning flames of falsehoods. Special interests vs. residents??





I don't know who spurred the

I don't know who spurred the idea that this only relates to "rock & roll."  I think a lot of talk was more about those "little ole Jazz Bands"

I don't reckon anybody has said anything about not liking the music - just when it vibrates the ground and can be heard two blocks away in a community where people who work early day shifts need a few hours sleep in order to get up and go to work the next day - common sense should prevail.



the PeeDee editorial Board proves it again

the PeeDee editorial Board proves it again: they truly are illiterate and out of touch. They published an editorial on the restaurant/bar noise level, using a part of the proposed legislation out of context: "Section 343.15 of proposed Ordinance No. 347-11 states that ". . . entertainment provided in any restaurant, tavern or bar . . . shall be limited to unamplified acoustical musical instruments or other entertainment that produces noise levels no greater than that produced by unamplified acoustical musical instruments."

Well, duh! The question for the PeeDee Editorial Board is : Do you want your local bar to suddenly bring in loud, live music till 2:30?  

Clubs zoned for live entertainment, are exempt. What this would do is force the local bars, taverns, etc., that want to go into the live entertainment venue, to go to their neighbors and ask for support in obtaining a variance. It forces a conversation with neighbors, and allows a process to ensue. If the neighbors and BZA say no,  then they continue to be limited as above.

Sounds fair to me. I am not in favor of the Cleveland neighborhoods being turned into night time playrooms.

PeeDee, you dropped the ball on this one. Cimperman, I have no words for your waffling.

How much money really makes its' way into the Cleveland coffers out of all of this? We keep being told that this is good, it is pumping money into the city. How much money? Servers are paid a special minimum wage so the payroll tax is low. Again, can someone tell us how much money is "pumping into" our neighborhoods?


Yea, little to none.

Yea, little to none.

Bars Imposed on Tremont Residential = Stupid Zoning

 Can you think of a more impossible and dis-harmonious zoning?  

Living next to a noisy, fuming factory is probably less bothersome than living in a neighborhood with residential homes mixed in with late night bars with live entertainment.   

The City of Cleveland has created a monster -   taking what was once a composed historic residential district and inserting cocktail bars in alternating houses.

Now that's about the dumbest zoning imaginable.