Posibilitarian Insurrection Mass & Parade on Coventry Dec 31.

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12/26/2009 - 20:26

Please help distribute far and wide around the neighborhood....

Thursday the 31st of December,
Coventry Village, starting at the U.U. Society of Cleveland
2728 Lancashire Rd. Cleveland Hts.
Free show, donations only.

Insurrection Mass at 3pm
Procession March at 3:45
A New Years Eve Insurrection Mass with a Funeral March for the Rotten Ideas of 2009.
and then the Possibilitarian NEW YEARS RESOLUTION PARADE

Bread and Aioli will be served afterwards upon return to the U.U. Society.

  A New Years Eve Insurrection mass to celebrate another year gone by. Culminating in the third annual Funeral March for the Rotten Ideas of the Year (2009 now), which will be a spectacle and procession through coventry village, rain shine or Blizzard, (it has happened in the presence of high winds and snow.) AND THEN, the Possibilitarian NEW YEARS RESOLUTION PARADE.

  The Insurrection Mass is a non-religious Puppet Service in the presence of the paper-mache gods of the day, with a Fiddle Sermon inspired by the Rotten Idea of the day. Funeral March Parade will happen around 3:45 pm. The show is slightly more kid friendly than a catholic Mass, but is certainly open to kids of all ages.

Why Is this mass an Insurrection mass? What exactly inspires insurrection? And what makes insurrectionists celebrate mass? The celebration of an Insurrection mass has several functions:
1) to lift up the depressed souls of frustrated citizens
2)to sing a new song which is raw enough to combine all the sweet and sour notes of the human voice into one big yell, as big as a tornado, or even a steady breeze
3)to tickle wishy-washy minds with the possibility of insurrection.  

Insurrection means: possibilitarian anarchic celebration is victorious over Not-SO-Bad-any-more pseudo-hope or even everything-is-meaningless post-modern nihilism.
Insurrection means: the victory of cheap artists over the moneymaking religion.
Insurrection means: life is possible!

We need volunteers for both the Puppet Service Performance and parade. To be in the Puppet Service meet at the U.U. Society at 11:00 am, no performing experience necessary (Limited number of slots so call ahead and reserve) This is your chance to become a puppeteer for a day! Kids too--parents just need to call us for more details.
Also seeking musicians and performers for the parade itself. (216-773-0080)



Unitarian Universalist Society of Cleveland
2728 Lancashire
Cleveland Heights, OH 44118
United States
Phone: 216-773-0080
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