tech-savvy administration?

Submitted by Jeff Schuler on Sun, 02/22/2009 - 01:04.
Mac-user Obama

"because the only thing better than the president using a mac is the president having a motherf*cking PAC-MAN sticker ON his mac."

-- theslyestfox

And...The new -- web home for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act -- runs on Drupal.

Drupal is no stranger to the political arena, and has been used for many campaign and government sites before., though, is a definite coup for Drupal -- there are not many Drupal sites that have their own post on Or on the Huffington Post. Or is featured on CNN all day long. Or has its own YouTube promo by the US President. Unbelievable!

-- Dries Buytaert, Obama using Drupal

that's how we roll...lets

that's how we roll...lets get to work.

already sent a message

I saw the recovery website posted in an article through the NYTimes and as Frank Jackson was boarding a plane to DC, I fired off a message to the Obama administration - warning them of some of the potential wasteful spending they should keep an eye out for.

They be posting, and we be commenting and reporting.

Norm Roulet knew Drupal's value 5 years ago

When Norm created Realneo in 2004 he did it with Drupal, swearing by open source and Drupal practicallity - about half a decade before drupal's present popularity.   Please remember Norm's foresight - when you read something Norm writes, or hear him at a presentation, and think Norm may be too adamant about moving in a radical new direction.   No apologies for anyone here - just want to give Norm credit.

Fringe versus Mainstream

  I think all and everyone at REALNEO is proudly FRINGE, and Norm is out there at the front of the fringe :)  I can't wait for Jeff Schuler's report on Drupalcon in Washington, D.C.  and MAINSTREAM folks, please take note here, the next Drupalcon should be HERE!

there would be no evolution

without deviation.

you rock, norm. 

Why the White House's Embrace of Drupal Matters

First off is the very fact that with the move the White House is offering an alternative to DC's long love-fest with proprietary technology. Drupal is free, and hey, the economy being what it is, there are tax-payer dollars to be saved on going open source.

Second, it shows that the White House isn't putting much stock in the argument that collaboratively-built software isn't stable or secure enough for government use. (Though one could make the argument that isn't exactly mission critical.)

Third, Drupal is, arguably, progressive. It has relatively deep roots in Democratic politics, first getting attention in the political space as the foundation under Dean Space. Whatever state Drupal is in today is a result of the community of developers who cared enough to nurture it -- the underlying message, of which, of course, echoes Obama's political narrative. ([UPDATE] David Cohn's written a history of Drupal's political past.)

-- Why the White House's Embrace of Drupal Matters

Biden not so savvy