Friday's Message of HOPE for NEO

Submitted by lmcshane on Fri, 10/22/2010 - 09:09.

Homegrown wisdom from Zach Freidhof--Universal LOVE:


Town & Country MAGIC in NEO

Or...why I sometimes LIKE CLE--last night, tired and not in the mood for socializing--significant other commits us to a beer tasting at Sokolowski's. 

An amazing evening--as always--because Mike, Bernie and Mary have divine powers and always seem to align the stars for CLE. We were paired up with an amazing couple--Mike and Laura. I don't have the spellings for their last names, but they have serious mixed street credentials for NEO--Polish, Slovenian, Welsh, Hungarian etc. 

Mike is a graphic arts designer and Laura works in the non-profit sector for Young Audiences of NEO.  Both are the kind of young energy we want, need in NEO.  Fortunately--they LIKE NEO, too.  And, they are making a difference.  Please support Mike's venture soon to premiere in the North Collinwood neighborhood.

BIG LOVE to Mike, Mary and all of the extended Sokolowski family for making the MAGIC night happen last night.