The more I really learn about the man behind Issue 3, Dan Gilbert, the more...

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Fri, 10/30/2009 - 22:17.

Dan Gilbert

Is not a bad person.  I have heard him speak and he is a funny guy with an appreciation for the irreverent.   

Life is a gamble...

Gilbert understands human behavior.  It's not always pretty, but why do we gamble?  It's not going to go away by voting against it.  Why not make it work for us? 

I am not saying that Issue 3 solves the conundrum, but, frankly I will take Gilbert control over Jacobs control...

Prediction: Issue 3 passes...



my opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of my employer, my spouse, my cat, my neighbors, my extended family or anyone I happen to acknowledge on the street, bus, etc.

Watch the City Club debate

The audience is disgusting

Gilbert is disgusting.

The Mayor of Youngstown is disgusting.

I guess Cleveland is becoming disgusting.

Oh well, there are other places to live, raise a family and invest in a real future for real people, and Cleveland may cntinue to die a slow death.

If Issue 3 passes, I will look elsewhere for the future.

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It's not an either or

It's not an either or choice, Laura.

I think it has a real good

I think it has a real good chance of passing,

I like the location they proposed, and it will cause some catalytic growth for a while. I have been reading about Detroit and how casinos cycle, people get basically bored of them. Detroit is very concerned about casinos in Ohio particularly Toledo, but Cleveland will and should have the best venue of all the Ohio cities. Quicken is making and setting records in sales and the CAVS are on a roll. This guy is more of the right guy at the right time with the right plan as it will ever get.

If done correctly and linked into the sports complex and the river it could be a nice venue.

It's not a silver bullet and its not the only thing that the region is working on, its actually multitasking for a change.

What happened in the 1990’s may happen again, they actually had to go outside the region for workers and equipment, the region has a limited capacity for construction projects. Reaching that limit is both good and bad, it makes projects happen faster but it also drives up prices. But since lending rates are low and fuel costs are as well, they should push the limits on the construction. That’s is exactly what to do and the timing is as good as it gets.

Contractors move faster when many projects are in the pipeline, we have not seen the stimulus money yet, its coming. The economy is getting better and it will not get worse, the Casino will only add a single venue, they really have to make sure it is over the top in quality, people have to say “I am really impressed and they sure did a nice job on the complex”

That side of Ontario has always looked unfinished, it will add dimension to the city, it will link that area to the river, the results could be phenomenal.

I'm thinking a Soylent Green Factory would look better there

We can process the bodies there, dump the blood in the Cuyahoga to feed the wildlife, and fuel Cleveland Thermal by burning bones, to heat the Q.

And they need to move the prison in Cuba, and the Scranton Road penninsula looks good for that... lots of jobs

We need more animal testing in America, so I was thinking the Higbees Building would be nice - it needs some new use... the animal torture technicians can all move downtown and share the space with Reimagininag Cleveland, the GCP and other inhuman animals in town... build a habitrail to Cleveland Thermal to dispose of animal waste.

What else brutal, establishment and harmful to the psyche of society may we fit in Cleveland, the most sustainable shit hole of America.

Casinos are so sustainable 2019... no problem keeping sin and misery in America productive for a few more decades.

Like the surplus shopping malls of the moronic consumer-sprawl era, in America, now vacant and blighting, what do we do with 100s of tacky, single-mispurpose, surplus casinos when Americans enter the world's new age of enlightenment, which does not include subsidizing or even funding anti-social gambling and professional sports interests like those of Dan Gilbert.

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I think it has a real good chance of failing

I completely distrust the newspaper industry funded polling results that have been touted as showing Issue 3 with a significant lead, and I distrust the mainstream media and mail campaigns that have been attempting to shape public perception about Issue 3, in efforts to make it pass.

I believe all that mainstream bullshit will fail as, in the end, most American's distrust the mainstream media, for the right reasons - mainstream media does not deserve our trust - and the people will make the right decisions for Ohio.

Gambling is not at all part of solving the problems in our state, and the pipe dream of economic development through gambling will cost the state $ billions in lost time and wasted resources - pure corrupt 1970s foolishness, in 2009.

Basketball is little better, but we can save that discussion for after the Cavs embarrass themselves and Cleveland again this season.

Whenever I think about Dan Gilbert, and Cleveland, now, I think of disgraced basketball gambling interest Hot Rod Williams, of Dan's era.

Just what Cleveland needs... to sell our souls for another Hot Rod.

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Taking bets?

  I  can't wait for Tuesday to happen...and to be over with it.  CMSD kids happen to be off school.  It should be a long the neighborhood.

Roldo--I voted NO on pretty much everything...including Issue 3.  I just think that attacking Gilbert is the wrong tactic.  We're not going to change human behavior overnight...though I wish we could.


Not attacking Gilbert - discussing facts

I don't see running a major illegal gambling operation that seems to have threatened violence a laughing matter, and I don't see Don Gilbert as warm, fuzzy, cute, or good for Cleveland - just as I don't see as intelligent or even moral changing our constitution for one man who ran an illegal gambling operation to have a monopoly on casino gambling here - he and his buddies are stacking the deck already...

What to expect? The worst.

We should certainly discuss this now rather than later...

Was this gambling arrest known and kept buried by the Mainstream Media as long as possible so absentee voters like yourself would vote without this information...?

I don't vote absentee, because I want every day up to the election to gather facts.... the media is playing games with absentee voters by withholding election-related facts... like with Brewer, McFaul... seems every candidate.

Dirty, dirty politics.

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you're also skirting the issue

 of granting a monopoly and using our constitution to do.

that in itself is sort of disgusting. please don't be disingenuous - the fact the guy is a pig and doesn't care who he hurts to get his gold os sort of beside the point....





It is not possible to operate a gamming facility in the state without that operation being expressed in the constitution.

That’s because any gamming is currently expressed in the state constitution as illegal.

If you express the operation of a gamming facilities in the states constitution, thats would require an amendment to the constitution and the only way it can occur.

The states governor attempted to use the existing expressions in the constitution; that being the lottery and horse racing. That was to side step the amending of the constitution. That failed and that is and has been forced by the courts to referendum.

A referendum is an issue on the state ballot that in these cases of gamming must express the changes to the constitution. The who and where is nothing more than specifics, the casino will be built were and by who.

The monopoly is in that, the who and where is defined, it is not locked in; a referendum could add other gamming; other gamming could be added in the future, more or even to revoke any existing licenses in the future. The latter is less likely but it as it stand is and does not prevent future casinos in the state. It merely expresses were they will be built and by who today.

If you are against gamming vote no, if you do not like the locations vote no, if you think you can get a competitive gamming systems that is fair and not written into the states constitution…get a life.    It has to be defined as to were and who...and ammended to the constitution.


Talking about gold…Gilbert has a midas touch he is in the winners circle….chasing him off for what? On principal? That’s fine if your against the gamming thats fine, but thinking  he is wrong guy or bad guy? That’s simply foolish.

It's scary...

But I am agreeing here with Oengus.... 


my opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of my employer, my spouse, my cat, my neighbors, my extended family or anyone I happen to acknowledge on the street, bus, etc.

wasn't Midas a fool

 in the end?

Disney version?


Didn’t he eventually come to resent his wealth and moved to the country? You may be thinking of the Disney version?

Midas in the end

Midas in the end offended a god, in fact offended Apollo. This all related to playing the fiddle and a contest, it is depicted in a work of art.

The contest resulted in Apollo winning and Midas not liking that result as it was Pan he favored.

Midas was given by Apollo the ears of Donkey and ran off never to be heard from again.

The loser never can come to

The loser never can come to terms with their losses and never forgives the winner.

That’s why some of faith are against gambling, supposed to be anyway.


The character of Gilbert isn't really the Issue

and I apologize for allowing myself to be sidetracked by your illogical posts.

The plain fact is the Issue would grant monopoly privilege and use our State's constitution to do so. That in itself is not ok - no matter the subject.

Character of Gilbert and gambling

I have 1,000s of problems with issue 3 including the character of Gilbert and all people involved in gambling including bingo and lotto.

Character matters.

I can't support a single professional sports team in Cleveland, because of the poor character of all the owners... all earned excessive wealth through monopolies and usury - increasingly involving legal and illegal gambling. What is there to like about any of that... shiny palaces, paid for by taxpayers, exploiting loopholes, the poor, addicts and fools?


If Issue 3 passes, I'm thinking Akron is in for a boost, as people move there to stay in a city in the region but escape Cleveland+Gambling on losers like casinos.

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No it was a factual and not


No it was a factual and not at all illogical, calling what is factual illogical is form of a logical manipulation and one only a fool falls for.

Just for the sake of  example the above includes a logical manipulation, as in agree with it or be an idiot.

Lying exaggerating and even insulting peoples integrity….to what force enlightenment? The low road to the high road oh and that’s logical.

and of course you don't ARGue

with the illogical....