Democrat or Republican?

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 For one moment; please try to educate an uneducated voter.....

Why should they choose to be a Republican or choose to be a Democrat? Explain with PARTY ONLY format---without divisely using one candidate as an example.

If you had five minutes to empower a voter with factual based splendor why they should support a party; what would you tell them? 

         I walked door to door a few times... the educational experience relative to talking to "Citizens vs VOTERS" was absolutely humbling. I heard it all..but reality speaks by the turnouts... and the reality is pretty ugly. People are completely DISENFRANCHISED, INTIMIDATED, and adversely affected by the political regime of our region. They have a long history of getting violated for speaking their truths and opinions on matters of significance in our community from the simple public forums to asking for  politicians to do their jobs in the local community. They have been retaliated against; had their integrity and character devaluated by the regime, and in many cases; they have been used as pawns and stepping stones for the politicians. In addition to that; they have been labeled recklessly, bullied, and threatened. So, now, they do not even CARE about what happens in this arena. They are bitter, angry, and resentful of the historical and ongoing political practices that affect them and their community at large. They have been hit with the pay to play politics that have destroyed their senes of neighborhood stability and community. Their bottom line is the same as the politicians, What is in it for me? Why should I vote? Who cares? What are you going to do to make our lives better? If I vote for your candidate; will they stop harrassing me for not supporting the other candidate? If I tell you my opinion; will it make a difference? In most cases; they answer that themselves with a big, "NOPE!" 

    Meeting with citizens who are totally disconnected from the local politics and disgusted by the history is not easy. First; you get to hear the horror stories of how the politicians speak down to them. Second; you get to hear how they have been violated by retaliatory practices for not playing on the team of the current regime effectively. Third; you get to hear their excuses of how they don't have time for all of the politics. Fourth; you get to hear how many of them are so transient that they don't even have roots to vote. Fifth; you hear about how they are unable to get out to vote or that they didn't even know that it was voting day.  Sixth; they don't know how to register to vote, didn't have time, or simply don't vote because they are a "FELON!" Seventh; they don't believe that their vote counts anyways.

    I remember Santiago telling me that "non-voters don't matter." I wanted to strangle him. But that is true at the end of the line; for only the actual people who engaged their democratic rights to vote usually chronically engage the councilman's office. All the rest are just pawns. So, perhaps the non voters are right. (I personally don't believe this; but it's a great reflection of how the politicians treat them.) 

    So, I think back to the days of living in the community where it started with block club leadership, then it went up to Precinct Leadership for both parties, and upwards to the local councilman with public meetings that overflowed with citizen engagement for voting sessions and much more. Citizens once worked tirelessly to hold their local leadership accountable and to share up and down information to keep it's population INFORMED. Over the years; all of those public sharing sessions, one on one engagements, and citizen driven forums has been maligned with corruption that violated the citizens.

So, Republicans and Democrats.. please explain to the ignorant voters; what is in it for them to choose sides? 

...............oh, I forgot.... there are more sides to the party system. Yet, at this time; in our community; only the R or D's matter on the ballot. By stance; the D's outweigh the R's. So, anyone playing politics would be an idiot to run on the R ballot by sheer numbers alone.

The voting bases that actually vote have LEARNED by trial and error---to play politics to acheive their missions-even unsuccessfully and getting burned many times over for supporting the 'wrong' candidates.




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Why choose sides - EJB is contemplating as well

Eric J Brewer: This is why a lot of Democrats are telling the Cuyahoga County and Ohio Democratic Party to kiss their asses on that party loyalty bullshit. It's not a two-way street. Why is party chairman Stu Garson silent about a Democratic mayor's wild attacks on a Democratic judge?

South Euclid Mayor Georgine Welo's continued harassment of Judge Gayle Williams-Byers has moved into the realm of being far beyond the authority of the mayor's office. Ever since a majority of South Euclid voters decided that Williams-Byers was the best person to replace part-time Judge Patricia Kleri, Welo has sought to undo the results of the election. Her attacks on Williams-Byers have been maniacally relentless and questionably motivated.

Welo's latest attack on Williams-Byers involves Senate District 24 State Senator Matt Dolan. Welo asked Dolan to introduce a bill to eliminate the South Euclid Municipal Court. She tried the same thing with State Rep. Kent Smith last year under the threat that she wouldn't endorse him. Smith stood his ground and said no. State Senator Ken Yuko was no from the beginning and no now. Both didn't appreciate Dolan's decision to introduce a bill to eliminate a municipal court in a district he didn't serve. More specifically, in their district.

Dolan's excuse was he didn't know Williams-Byers was running a full-time day court with a night court. Or that she had a mental health and drug docket; and that she was processing 5000 cases a year. He didn't even think it was odd that Welo was targeting the only DOS female suburban judge. Dolan never gave it a second thought that Welo's target was the first from her citizenry to be elected to the judgeship in South Euclid. Welo accused the court of not being profitable. Since justice and profit for him went hand-in-hand, Dolan bought into Welo's bullshit. Welo and South Euclid's council majority led by Jane Goodman, along with Marty Gelfand, seem to think justice has a price tag. Issuing arrest warrants for driving under suspension makes sense to them and it obviously did to Dolan. Ruth Gray and Ed Icove, both South Euclid council members, are not supportive of the lunacy.

What Welo, Dolan and South Euclid's council majority ignored was a letter from the U.S. Department of Justice to all of Ohio's 722 judges last March 14, 2016. That letter from U.S. DOJ lawyers Vanita Gupta and Lisa Foster instructed this state's judges that profit driven justice was unconstitutional; so was taking drivers licenses without trials and issuing warrants without first scheduling hearings. So when Dolan jumped into Yuko and Smith's business, who'd already been informed of the US DOJ letter by Judge Williams-Byers, he was advancing Welo and South Euclid council's unconstitutional profit driven justice agenda. Here's a link to the March 14, 2016 letter. It's powerful folk and you need to use it to protect yourselves against the type of profit-driven judges Welo and Dolan support.

I'm still trying to figure out how Welo thinks $600,000 Williams-Byers is spending for the court's 14 employees versus the $600,000 the mayor is spending for four part-time law department lawyers equates to waste on the judge's part. Welo is very clearly the wasteful spender and I've never seen such lavishness in a police union contract. I think it's actually $640,000 Welo's spending for four part-time lawyers. Makes no damn sense and I feel sorry for Ruth Gray and Ed Icove who appear to be council's only two sensible members.

Just in the paragraphs above I've described Welo's acts of intimidation and duty-exceeding manipulation to harass Williams-Byers. But those acts are just the tip of the iceberg.

Welo tried to eliminate the municipal court through a charter change that went no where. She then used the Plain Dealer and's Sara Dorn to do her dirty work.

Y'all remember all of Dorn's lying assed articles and the distorted facts about South Euclid's judge. Dorn told five lies about Williams-Byers in one less than 30 word sentence. This was the same “collar popping” reporter who was feeling her oats because she did an editorial hack job on Richmond Heights Mayor Miesha Wilson-Headen. Williams-Byers backed Dorn's ass off with a series of letters to the Plain Dealer's editorial bosses and lawyers. They apologized, profusely and offered her space to dispel Dorn's bullshit. Once they realized Dorn's reporting was actionably inaccurate they pulled her dumb ass off the DOS judge and assigned her to harass the white one's.

I bet most judges in this county and others don't know Dorn is engaged to a Riverside Investments investment banker who's company owns SCRAM. SCRAM provides ankle bracelets, monitoring and drug testing to 76 county courts. I'll get into this later. Below is a scram link. Just remember that Dorn's court reform series is nothing but a profit driven scam … judges. She's “editorially steering” you and using the pressure the newspaper brings to intimidate you. It's all a direct attack on the bail system. Court ordered monitoring instead of bail is a conviction before a trial and it helps her boyfriend's investment company. Y'all are starting to get a clue as to why I don't trust or play with this town's reporters. They're on the take worse than cops. You never know who they're fucking or who's agenda they're serving.…/ohio-alcohol-monitoring-sys…/

So not only did Welo toss Dorn at Williams-Byers, she tossed council at her. Ex-council president David Miller sponsored legislation to eliminate the municipal court as Welo's minion in 2015. Goodman pushed it. Gray and Icove voted no. The Supreme Court returned with a letter and said “hold it.” To paraphrase, Goodman, Gelfand, Dennis Fiorilli, Jason Alexander voting yes were told by the Supreme Court of Ohio that the legislation they'd enacted was just outright dumb. As legislation it is about as silly as it gets.

Think about a majority of South Euclid council members voting to turn over their city's 5000 court cases to the taxpayers of the City of Lyndhurst and telling them to pay their judge and court employees to handle them. It's like finding a baby left at your doorstep. It's about as dumb as Donald Trump telling Mexicans they're paying for his wall to keep them out. The Supreme Court of Ohio reminded Welo and the majority of councilors who followed her that they hadn't even consulted with Lyndhurst officials to get an ordinance from them that said “yes.”

There were a long list of assignments the Supreme Court of Ohio told Goodman they had to engage in to move forward, and even then they might not agree. Who knows why Goodman didn't lead council to continue? Maybe they finally figured out Welo was bullshitting them. Regardless, the letter from the Supreme Court of Ohio wasn't even shared with the remaining members of council and that attack strategy from Welo failed. But it didn't stop her. That's why Welo went to Dolan. She figured he was a sucker and would fall for her bullshit; and he did. That was until his office became inundated with telephone calls. Welo's nefarious plotting was foiled again.

Something is wrong with the thinking of South Euclid's mayor. Her relentless attacks on Gayle are not motivated in the least by good governance. If that were the case Welo would resign as a mayor based on her own misconduct. Telling voters one thing about safety levies and using the money for something else ain't cool. Your kid working for a law firm that's doing city business ain't cool. Using a city lawyer to represent family members ain't cool. Running a family business when the charter says no ain't cool.

The problem in South Euclid ain't with the judge. The problem is the mayor attacking the judge. Welo is building up a lot of animosity against herself and between the loyalist of Cuyahoga County Democrats and the resentment over this type of poor treatment is about to hit the boiling point. Trouble's coming Democrats. You'd better wake the fuck up and quick. Loyalties are changing that will not return.