Dianna Lynn Hill Answers 11 Questions from the Observer

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Dianna Lynn Hill answers the Observer 11 Questions
by Questions developed by John Sheridan
Candidate, Dianna Lynn Hill’s answers to Observer Questions:

1.) If elected to the position of County Executive, what three or four goals would top the list of things that you'd hope to accomplish during your term in office?

I, Dianna Lynn Hill, will bring military type “LEADERSHIP” that encompasses Leadership by example with Loyalty, Equality, Appreciation, Duty, Ethics, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal courage for upholding democracy by and for the people of Cuyahoga County. I will set my top priority at putting our families first by implementing an Extreme Makeover of Reform: Cuyahoga County Edition to restore public trust and faith in our public servants and in our public services. I want to embrace the citizens of our county with the dignity and humanity that inspires and empowers them to invest in our community at large. Our people are the greatest assets of our County and I believe that they deserve to enjoy the prosperity that comes with positive, productive, and passionate pathways of reform. I will promote and work to implement the Government Innovators Strategies for Reform. In order to accomplish this mission, I will promote transparency in all areas of our government processes by implementing policies that encourage public participation, ethical professional practices, and basic business 101 standard operating procedures of accountability for all organizational areas of our government. I would implement and post on our County website a public open calendar of operations so that all annual cycle events, meetings, and forums can be managed effectively while inviting public participation.  
2.) What do you regard as the major challenges that must be met in order for the new system of county government to succeed?
The most significant challenge in Cuyahoga County reform operations will be transforming the attitude of public servants and the people we serve in order to unite and conquer generations of corrupt practices. Our community has uncountable divisions which need to be united with the common goal of leading by example in all of our business operations.  Years of systematic abuses must be reformed in order to promote healthy objectives with the highest ethical considerations for all of our citizens. I, Dianna Lynn Hill, look forward to challenging our community at large to appreciate leadership that is transparent, accountable, and always appreciative of our people who are the greatest assets in Cuyahoga County.
3.) How do you define good government?
Good government upholds democracy by and for the people that we represent in accordance with all federal, state, and local laws through equality, respect,  ethical business practices and accountable leadership.   Good government means that the public is informed, that the public has opportunities to participate without being undermined, and that there are open opportunities for all citizens of any diversity to be included in the government processes. Good government promotes healthy opportunities to inspire and empower our citizens to achieve their American Dreams by providing resources that bridge the gaps from ideas to reality. Good government protects the best interests of the people it serves. Good government invites business investment and works to sustain viable businesses in our community, while also inviting global business investors into our region to promote economic development and community development that provides employment opportunities and inspires small business investments by the citizens of our community.
4.) Do you believe the new County Executive/Council structure can put an end to the corruption and patronage that have dominated news headlines for the past several years?
Yes, I believe that the new County Executive and Council structure can put an end to the corruption and patronage that have dominated the news. However, I also recognize that there will always be the select few who think that they can manipulate the system abusively. It will require a leader who is ready, willing, and able to implement a “O” Tolerance Policy that eliminates any public servant from their position if found guilty of violating the code of ethics or of violating any laws while performing their public service duty. There is NO EXCUSE for violating the public’s trust. Our world will always have crime, but we do have an opportunity to transform our local government through direct oversight and rebuilding the public’s trust and our respect as public servants. Collectively, we should not need to reinvent wheels of oversight; we should be that oversight as the leadership. We must have the courage to stand up for what is right on behalf of the citizens’ interests that we are elected to protect.
5.) Under the new charter, several top county officials who in the past were directly elected by the voters will now be appointees chosen and approved by the new Executive and County Council. Do you see that as a positive step?
Yes, I see appointments to positions as a positive step if completed with a consensus of open democratic participation. I believe that all applicants being considered for positions should be required to provide a public profile which empowers our community at large to provide feedback about choices in advance of any decisions. I believe that all applicants should be required to pass random drug tests, background checks and that all applicants should be assessed based on merit and experience. Appointments should be made openly and democratically with the County Council and public’s discretion taken into consideration. I believe in upholding democratic leadership by the people and for the people.  
6.) What approach would you take to working with the new County Council to keep lines of communication open in order to achieve consensus on major county wide objectives?
I believe that by providing ground rules and leading by example that I will invite extraordinary opportunities for all of our people to communicate without further dissention amongst our ranks. I will provide an open door policy, implement a time management policy, and provide all public servants with a rules of engagement policy that promotes open communications. I believe that if we all work towards the common goals of earning the public’s trust through these transparent and accountable operations while also inviting public participation through County Town Hall Forums and interactive resources; then we shall all be working together to ascertain both common and diverse goals. As each County Council representative will have diverse needs; we need to insure that everyone is made aware of those objectives in advance so that we can all work together towards collaborating results and sharing our knowledge, skills, and abilities towards mission accomplishment. We all will bring significant assets of experience to the table and I will promote healthy communications that engage us in a positive, productive, and promising environment. It is my goal to promote equitable, respectful, considerate, and ethical communication practices amongst our public servants and the public at large.
7.) When will Cuyahoga County voters know if the new government structure is working as envisioned-and how will they know?
The “voters” will know that the new government structure is working when everyone; including the non voters and the unregistered citizens begin to work collectively through all democratic opportunities to enjoy the prosperity that comes with promoting ethical business practices at large. Once our citizens begin to reengage democracy and invest into our community because they can trust and depend on the leadership to uphold the highest ethical considerations in accordance with protecting their rights, then we shall know that the new government structure is working as envisioned. Our public will know because they will be able to see the transformation process through public media resources that will invite their contributions and respect them without stepping on their identities. As we transform the corrupt government practices into transparent and accountable government practices, our citizens will be able to understand how these bureaucratic operations function. They will have uncountable opportunities to provide feedback and to be a part of the process of reformation. I believe in education and I particularly believe in providing interested citizens with the necessary tools they need to achieve their dreams or to react to systematic abuses without getting defeated at the door. We will know that our government structure is working well once every public servant serves with the humility, honor, and human respect that invite public investment.
8.) Do you believe the new structure has the potential to spark economic growth and job creation in Northeast Ohio? If so, how might that happen?
Yes, I believe that the new structure has the potential to spark economic growth and job creation in Northeast Ohio. I believe that once our citizens and the outside world recognize that we are operating a world class, ethical, and highly accountable government system; the attitudes of our citizens within will change while investors both locally and globally will have faith in doing business with us again. I believe that the formerly disillusioned people will be rejuvenated by the American spirit that inspires them and empowers them to achieve their American Dreams! I want to promote the public resources that empower our citizens to overcome obstacles towards investing in Cuyahoga County. I want to assist small business investors with ascertaining all incentives available to turn their business concepts into reality. I want to inspire citizens to take chances and challenge them to fill the empty storefronts in Cuyahoga County by promoting our public assets, resources,  tax incentives and promoting equal opportunity to all. Our leadership shall be committed to inspiring the best in our community at large and inviting them to be a part of building up our community through innovative strategies. I believe that once the public at large realizes that there will be NO MORE PAY TO PLAY POLITICS in Cuyahoga County; then they will begin to invest into our community without hesitation. I believe that once local and global business investors are invited to a level playing field of equality that promotes healthy business practices; then they will be more apt to build roots of development in Cuyahoga County.
9.) There has been much talk about "regionalization" as a mechanism to improve government efficiency-and hopefully, reduce the tax burden on the citizens of Cuyahoga County. Do you view the new government structure as a positive step toward achieving these goals?
Yes, I believe that the new government structure is a positive step towards collaborating with other local governments in order to effectively use regional resources collectively and reduce wasteful spending. As with any business practices, our local government leadership should be able to find innovative ways to share information, share resources, and share ideas.  I believe that if we all unite to promote constructive considerations on behalf of our citizens, then all of our actions as leaders shall be made with conservation, fiscal responsibility, and ethics at the top of our list. Most importantly, I believe that the new government structure should provide a County Executive who puts our people’s interests first and I am willing to provide that kind of leadership!
10.) In your analysis of Issue 6-the charter amendment that ushered in the sweeping changes in county government --what did you find to be its strong points? And what, if any, weaknesses did you detect?
The strongest point of the county charter is that the people stood up to vote for it and demand change in our community. I admire and respect the dedication of the Transition Advisory Group who works to provide assistance to the newly elected County Executive and the County Council representatives. I believe that as a leader, I will provide a forum with the new leadership to address all public noted weaknesses in the charter and we shall collectively react to those weaknesses with immediate resolves in a democratic fashion. I believe that the people voted and as County Executive, I will invite public participation that makes necessary amendments with a consensus through democratic measures.
11.)  Do you see a need for further "tinkering" with the County Charter to improve prospects for a successful transition? If so, what changes would you hope to see incorporated?
Yes, I anticipate further “tinkering” with the County Charter to improve prospects for a successful transition. I would like to incorporate mandates that require transparent accountability for all of our government processes. I believe that all public servants who are funded through Cuyahoga County should be required to attend training upon taking any position in our County that includes the fundamentals of customer service, human respect, and diversity to promote equality and standard operating procedures for rules of engagement with citizens at all levels. Our citizens deserve world class leadership that puts them first in every action that we take on their behalf! May God bless all of our citizens who have sustained years of disempowerment and abusive government practices. In 2011, they deserve the best our world has to offer them in “LEADERSHIP” and I look forward to earning their respect and vote to provide it!!!
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