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Due to the fact that these questions will not be posted until after the Primary; I would like to publicly answer them for all the voters in advance in consideration of providing all citizens more information about my positions on matters. Thanks for your consideration!

Always Appreciatively Yours,
Dianna Lynn Hill, Candidate for Cuyahoga County Executive, Democrat


To : All County Executive Candidates
I am the Editor of MOREbratenahl, the quarterly newsletter in Bratenahl Village sent to all village residents. I am attaching a copy of our Summer 2010 issue for your perusal and information.
Residents have questions for County Executive candidates, and so for our Fall issue coming out in October, we would like to pose those questions to you and print your answers.
Due to space limitations, only those answers from the September primary winners (and those who don't have to go through a primary) will be published.
The questions and guidelines follow below :
1. How do you propose increasing revenue without raising taxes?
I propose increasing revenue without raising taxes by using the resources we already have in a transformed manner. I would like to provide transparent accountability through equitable leadership that promotes a reformed attitude about how we do business in Cuyahoga County.
2. Describe your best business idea, how it was implemented and how results were measured.
My best business idea was Angel's Happy Home Network. My goal was to provide a marketing, consulting, and real estate information website that provided all real estate investors in Northern Ohio with direct access to uncountable regional resources while promoting ethical business practices amongst our diverse business investors. In the Spring of 2005, I initiated a website after I attended uncountable networking sessions, real estate workshops, and business seminars to funnel through the information and regurgitate it so that everyone else did not have to expel all that energy to find those resources which I had then published on the website. I initiated an email distribution list of subscribers who wished to receive updates. Within several months, I had thousands of subscribers and associates who were posting their information on this one stop website. I referred thousands of clients to both public and private resources while inspiring uncountable people to participate in the various business areas with their resources. Within less than a year, there were over 70,000 pages of information on the website from a dial up connection. By consolidating all of the resources, filtering through what worked and what didn't to streamline an investor's business strategies while advising them on demographic dynamics in their specific areas, we were able to promote positive and progressive business in Northeast Ohio. Our traffic through the website was measured by the webserver. The results of thousands of real estate investors marketing their real estate properties, hundreds of service providers promoting their businesses on the website, and uncountable business deals being closed in that period by those people can only be measured by the people who enjoyed the resources that we provided. As we had investors from California to New York who visited our website, called our offices, and requested our services; I believe that the bottom line positive attitude, multi-dimensional awareness of resources, and openness towards inviting business into our community inspired uncountable real estate investors to invest into our community during that period.
I later changed the website to make it strictly a marketing resource for all of these assets and provided a store to sell real estate investor books.
3. In your opinion, where are the greatest opportunities for economic growth over the next decade?
I believe that the greatest opportunities for economic growth over the next decade remain amongst the citizens of our community. I believe that it is up to our leadership to provide sound, ethical, and innovative strategies that promote and inspire small business investment in Cuyahoga County. We must lead by example to open the doors of economic development. I truly believe that the real estate investors of northern Ohio are a vital association of members who are motivated to buy, rehabilitate, and portfolio real estate properties. They hire uncountable contractors and laborers to renovate our housing stock. They market our region, they invite outside investors, and they inspire employees to invest in homeownership within their communities. I believe that this dynamic group touches uncountable service providers and resources within our community at large. They improve our tax base by buying and selling real estate. They employ people who often times cannot find work due to being previously incarcerated. Most significantly, they revitalize our communities with improvements that inspire other investments. I believe that their investments into our region are extraordinary and deserve to be promoted. Ultimately, I believe that the opportunity for economic development is county wide and pivotal to our long term outlook. All economic development requires inspiration, motivation, and empowerment of the people and collaboration that bridges the gaps of resources that are already in place including tax incentives.
4. Identify one Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) you want to achieve if elected and why.
I want to unite our diverse citizens under a world class umbrella of public service that promotes the highest ethical considerations of democratic leadership, equality, and transparent accountability while inspiring and empowering our residents to achieve their American Dreams! I believe that years of unethical, corrupt, and abusive government practices have violated the American Spirit of uncountable citizens in our community. I believe that they deserve to be treated with the humanity, dignity, and respect of a leader who wants to inspire the best in them while promoting empowerment through equal opportunity. I want to disrupt classism practices that denegrate and disillusion the public at large while holding our public servants accountable for their public service.
5. Why do you deserve our vote?
I believe that I will earn your vote based on my identity and humanity.  I am not a politician and I am not here to climb stairs. I am here to put the people first and to provide democratic leadership through consensus that is loyal, equitable, appreciative, duty oriented, ethical, respectful, selfless, honorable, integral, and has the personal courage to do the right thing no matter what.
6. Will you support the hiring of friends and family members for county jobs or as vendors?
No, I will not support nepotism or any unethical hiring practices as Cuyahoga County Executive. I will lead equitably, requiring all applicants to be hired based on merit, experience, and credentials through equal opportunity practices. I would like to have all applicants approved by the entire council in a democratic forum with the opportunity for public feedback prior to any decisions being effectuated so that the public has an opportunity to participate in the hiring process via an interactive public profile application process.
Thank you in advance for your participation and I look forward to hearing from you!
Best regards, 
Kate Robins
Editor, MOREbratenahl
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I believe that they deserve to be treated with the humanity, dignity, and respect of a leader who wants to inspire the best in them while promoting empowerment through equal opportunity. I want to disrupt classism practices that denegrate and disillusion the public at large while holding our public servants accountable for their public service.

sounds good!!!

Anti-Classism Anti-Racism ticket

  All for it--take gender out of the equation, too!  xo Laura


Can you homepage Dianna's two blogs?  She sent me an e-mail stating that she does not know how to submit to front page and will not have access to a computer for a few days.