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Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sun, 03/07/2010 - 22:08.

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No cell phone app will put buttons back on your shirt, or darn your socks.  

Have you ever created a shirt from a McCalls pattern? 

Have you sewn with a treadle machine and finished the details with needle and thread?

It used to be that thimbles were an indispensible tool in every household - necessary for digital protection. 

Clothing, food, and shelter.   

Have we lost track?


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Keeping it simple with a thimble....

As I sit here taking in a sigh of thought about the day I was fitted for my dress which Grandma and mom were going to make for me... I remember the pattern, the picture on the package and the excitement and joy of getting a new dress made by my family... I can remember my joy over their fussing, measuring, and pinning of materials... How sweet the days of childhood were when things were simple...

Last week, I found the sewing box and everything up in the closet...buttons, needles, and tomatoe stick pin cushions... my daughter wanted to play with them, but I put them away... I thought about making her a dress too...from those tools....I thought about the pillows we made in Home Economics and the sewing maching my dad once bought my mother so that she could sew...which grew dust over the years. Smiles.

I still have that homemade pillow...several of them. I hope to share those skills with my child as she grows up... Life is what we make of it....Good, bad, and indifferent...

Thanks for the reminder of simpler days from the past....As I sit and study the sacraments with my young child as she goes through all of them... I pray that she appreciates the value of making "good" decisions forever.... and that she enjoys the pleasures of sewing something good during her lifetime!