Does airing really dirty old laundry help reach a fresh new truth?

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sat, 08/29/2009 - 12:47.
Does airing really dirty old laundry help reach a fresh new truth?

Please see credit/correction for this sage statement here on Realneo.  Thanks Jerleen

Certain types of revelations in our society – criminal, sexual, psychiatric – are so “loaded” that broadcasting them publicly actually DETRACTS from getting to the high ground in a discussion, debate, or public effort.
I don’t’ think it is wrong to want to know something about someone’s past – to gossip a little bit about their dirty laundry – but to then load that laundry into a automatic grenade launcher – like this one from the  web link - and set the trigger to ON – can lead to overkill, lead to everyone running for cover, and maybe even cause damage where it wasn’t intended.
Perhaps - if you like guns - it may be prudent to have an arsenal, but it is surely wise to chose your weapon so you don't shoot  clear through your wall and kill your kid on the sidewalk.  
So from my perspective, whether or not you personally have made serious "mistakes" in your life, or whether or not you have had out of the mainstream sexual or mental illness issues, (and you hope that others will follow the Golden Rule), there are other pragmatic reasons of debate, civility, and persuation reasons besides the Golden Rule - that even if you are the PERFECT PERSON  you should not chose to power up with  Truth Over Kill.  


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