Holidays: Don't GIVE your money to agencies that don't help

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 From Mitchell Paul:  A really good story is about the WECO FUND charity thefts. WECO reported a total income on it 2012 990 federal report(these are public and available online... I encourage everyone to examine the 990 of any charity they have an interest in).of 112,000$...what makes this figure suspect is that in the same 2012 calendar year united way gave weco two grants for 157,000$.
Bill Kitson of united way told me that it is unlikely we ever fi d out where the money went....which is surely true as no one has yet looked!!...plain dealer reporters not allowed to look ....will you and and your newsroom colleagues please examine the discrepancy.
Elisabeth Plax the board President has not denied stealing the monies to me...and I have asked .
More disturbing are the huge ammt of loans this group insiders never expected to repay.
Elisabeth Plax a PhD investment counselor has hundreds of millions of other peoples monies according to her website.... She is on Armand Budish TV show too....I fear for elderly victims in a Madoff like scam.
Please look into this huge theft of charitable monies !!
No reporter has touched this for 5 months..... I hate rich crooks the most.

Facebook recently deleted Mitchell Paul's comment to my post regarding  a Mark Naymik article:

The article does not allow comments, because it is basically a PAID  holiday advertisement meant to tug at heart strings and have readers donate CA$H to United Way. DON'T DO IT.


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A Greater Cleveland is a call to action to the community to help identify and remove the barriers to success faced by Cleveland children in poverty. For those moved to make donations, we ask that you consider a gift to the United Way of Greater Cleveland, which is focusing on issues of multigenerational poverty that this series will examine. Because of the sensitive family matters discussed in this series, we have provided the people we write about anonymity and are using pseudonyms to identify them.

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Holiday Giving: Adopt a Family from Puerto Rico

If you have an unused rental unit - and can provide help - Yvette Matos asks you to contact the Spanish American Committee- her post at FB:

Good morning mi GENTE, thank you God for another day..... I'm about to say something some may not like but that's OK, Stop selling this wonderful life to your family out in Puerto Rico to bring them here, yes some cases because of medical reasons it's necessary however we already have issues with, employment, housing and not to mentioned homelessness things won't happen quickly this week I had the pleasure of meeting several families some fear their no longer welcome where they're staying, several professionals but because of the lack of English some can't get into their field of work. I'm not saying, it would be impossible to help our people but unless we start collaboration with our community we will do a disservice to the people. This is not about who's on first this is about all getting to the finish line together. There is a certain kind of urgency in helping these people, don't waste the opportunity to truly help...... Personally I feel the hub for welcoming these families should be the Spanish American committee, 2nd I feel if you brought your family here take some responsibility in assisting them. 3rd collaboration churches, community leaders families.......there is no time to be wasting on non productive meetings with non productive people. I'm sick to my stomach ....if anyone out there is hiring, have housing and is able to help please share information. I have people inquiring about helping yet we can't get information quick enough, so some could miss out.....let's not forget the heros back home that stayed to rebuild our beautiful Puerto Rico........ Blessings to all....... According to information I received yesterday just in Cleveland we have over 145 families..........

Worth listening to this post