Dr. John Apsley warned that "there is really no safe level of radiation" and lamented that, since it has a half-life of 25,000

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Dr. John Apsley warned that "there is really no safe level of radiation" and lamented that, since it has a half-life of 25,000 years, it is "constantly emitting destructive effects upon our cells" once inside the body. Apsley praised the benefits of kelp as a means of warding off the damage of radiation and shared the tale of two different Japanese hospitals which were about one mile away from the atomic blasts of World War II. One hospital used all natural seaweed and vegetables and the other used commercial foods. In the former institution, "virtually 100 percent" of the people lived, while, in the latter hospital, all of the people died.

Details at his website:

Radiation Toxicity Antidotes
For details and suggested amounts, scroll down to:
1.     N-Acetyl-Cysteine
2.     Iodide
3.     Chlorella
4.     High quality bone meal
5.     Natural Vitamin E Complex 
6.     Consuming High fiber and seaweed dishes
7.     Baking soda - Should be taken only on rare occasions
Another site that lists natural methods at:
Radioprotective |  Alternative Medicine
Medicines of Light:
Protection and Healing from Radiation Poisoning,
Neurotoxins, Bacteria and Viruses.
A Hathor Planetary Message through Tom Kenyon

With the earthquake in New Zealand, followed by
the earthquake in Japan, it is clear that you
have entered a more complex phase of the Chaotic

We wish to impart a method for protection and
healing from radiation poisoning as well as other
physical conditions. We call this Medicines of

This is obviously related to current events
unfolding in Japan, however, as future earth
changes unfold, you may face similar challenges
in your near future from other locations around
the world.

This method will assist you to both protect and
heal yourself from exposure, not only to
radioactivity, but also to neurotoxins and to
mutating forms of bacteria and viruses. From our
perspective you can expect to see an increase of
these in your near timeline.

The method involves connecting to your Celestial
Soul, the BA. This action is to connect to the
realms of light that are a part of your being.

Everything that exists in your cosmos can be
viewed as a qualification or energetic expression
of light-even your densest forms of matter are
essentially a form of light.

In this method you connect to your Celestial
Soul, holding the intent and expectation that it
will impart to you an energetic that protects
and/or heals you. You send this intent to your
Celestial Soul with the emotional vibration of
appreciation or gratitude. This is simply the
vibrational resonance that activates this higher
aspect of your being.

Once you send this intent conjoined with
appreciation or gratitude to your BA, you shift
your awareness into your heart chakra, receiving
the energetic of healing or protection into the
heart chakra. You might experience this energetic
as a form of light, or as geometric patterns, or
you may feel the sensation of a descent of
energy. You may also experience this energetic
simply as a thought/feeling.

Once the energetic is received in the heart chakra, it is ready to send.

For this phase you will need some pure water,
since water holds this type of information
extremely well. Holding a container of water in
your hands, through intent, you send this energy
that is in the heart chakra down the arms into
the hands and through the chakras that are in the
center of each palm. The energetic enters the
water through this pathway.

We suggest you amplify this energetic by
repeating the procedure three times, for a total
of three times-two more times in addition to the
first. You then drink the water. The water
permeates the water element of your body, and the
healing and protective qualities eventually enter
every cell.

Through this action you are qualifying light,
causing it to descend through the central pathway
of your body into your heart and sending it into
the water element. The consciousness of the water
receives this energetic, and when you drink it,
the body receives it.

If you find yourself in a situation where you
have been exposed to radioactivity you would
engage this procedure as we have described it,
qualifying the energy that descends from the BA
to protect and heal you from any possibility of
radiation poisoning. If you have other means to
protect yourself, you should obviously engage
these as well, but even if you are left with
nothing but the tools of your own consciousness,
you can protect and heal yourself.

If you have been exposed to neurotoxins you would
do the same. If you are in the midst of an
epidemic that involves bacterial or viral
infections, we advise you to do the same.

As you collectively enter more deeply into this
more complex and intense phase of the Chaotic
Node, bacteria and viruses will mutate faster.
This method will allow you to protect and heal
yourself from these mutating life forms.

It is important to understand that you are
creating the protection and healing through the
powers of your own consciousness. You have direct
access to your own light realms. You have the
sovereign right to engage the light realms on
your own behalf and on the behalf of your loved

If you find yourself in one of these difficult
situations we have described, we suggest you take
the Medicine of Light-which is the water that you
have charged-several times a day, as your
intuition guides you.

The physical ramifications of the earthquake
activity in Japan and the resulting tsunami are
very difficult to deal with. But we wish to shift
our attention from the physical to the mental,
emotional, and spiritual effects created by such
a disaster,

Due to the fact that you are in a Chaotic Node
and energies from deep space conjoined with solar
flare activity are affecting your energy bodies,
you, as a collective, are more affected. What we
mean by this is that witnessing the suffering of
your fellow humans shatters the heart. There is a
recognition that their predicament could easily
be yours. This recognition can create an opening
in your heart, and it is through the heart-your
heart-that higher states of consciousness are
realized, and so the earthquake in Japan is, in
many ways, an earthquake of the collective heart.

The times before you are not easy. From our
perspective, increased earth changes are upon
you. But one result of such events is that you
are shaken to your roots and the mass hypnosis
pauses for a moment. And in such utter and
surrealistic devastation, many of you see very
clearly that your civilization rests on tenuous
grounds. We mean this both literally and

And so our advice for this phase of the Chaotic
Node is to learn and master the ability to create
Medicines of Light for yourself, so that when the
time arises, you know how to engage this power of
protection and healing that you possess in your
very nature. And we suggest you navigate through
these times not only with your minds, but with
your hearts-and let your hearts be touched, for
it is through your hearts that you will ascend
the spiral pathway to your own greatness.
The Hathors

March 16, 2011
Tom's Thoughts and Observations

I have been channeling the Hathors for about
twenty years now and started posting their
Planetary Messages in February of 2003. And in
all that time I have never sensed in them such an
urgency to post one of their communications.
Usually, I am given several days to dwell on and
contemplate their messages before writing my
comments. But that luxury does not exist in this
moment. They have asked Judi and me to post this
particular message as soon as possible, and so I
will make my comments brief and to the point.

The central message here is that all human beings
have the ability to create what the Hathors call
Medicines of Light. And this type of medicine has
an inherent capability and potential to protect
and heal us not only from radioactive poisoning,
but also from the effects of neurotoxins, as well
as bacterial and viral infections.

The method is simple and to the point. Since some
of you reading this may be new to the whole idea
of a Celestial Soul (or BA), let me clarify its
location and how to engage it. The BA, or
Celestial Soul, is an aspect of your own
consciousness that is outside the constraints of
time and space. Some of you might refer to the
Celestial Soul as the Higher Self. But whatever
you call it, your Celestial Soul exists in what
the Hathors call the light realms, and this
aspect of you is engaged whenever you send it
appreciation or gratitude.

Your BA does not have a location in time and
space since it is transcendent to both.

But it does have an entry point to your energy
field, which is about arm's distance above your
head. If you were to raise your hands over your
head and touch your fingertips together, your
fingers would be in the vicinity of this entry
point. And this is where you place your attention
in the first phase of their method for creating a
Medicine of Light. (Do note that placing of your
hands above your head is only for orientation
purposes. You do not actually put your hands over
your head when creating the Medicines of Light).

Once you place your awareness in the area of your
BA point, you hold in your mind the qualification
of light you wish to receive. Let's say, for
example, that you have been, or will be, exposed
to dangerous forms of radioactivity and are in
danger of radiation poisoning. After focusing
your attention on your BA point above your head,
hold the intent that the energy that descends
from your BA will be an energetic of healing
and/or protection from radiation poisoning.

You then send the feeling of appreciation or
gratitude upward from your heart chakra to the BA
point above your head-as you hold the intent or
qualification that the energetic imparted to you
from your BA will protect and/or heal you from
radiation poisoning.

Next you shift your attention from your BA point
to your heart chakra (in the center of your chest
beneath the sternum) and then wait to receive the
energetic of protection and healing from your BA.

Those of you new to this may need to send the
intent or qualification along with the feeling of
appreciation or gratitude to your BA several
times before you notice a response. But just keep
sending this intention joined with the feeling of
appreciation or gratitude upward to your BA until
you feel a descent of energy. When you feel the
descent of energy from your Celestial Soul, shift
your awareness to your heart chakra. Allow your
heart center to receive this energetic of
protection and healing.

You then place your hands around or over a
container of pure water and send this energetic
received from your Celestial Soul into the water.
The energetic of healing and/or protection that
has entered your heart center will move down your
arms and into the water through the two chakras
that are in the center of the palm of each hand.

Repeat this process for a total of three times. Then drink the water.

If you are in a precarious situation, the Hathors
advise that you create a Medicine of Light
several times a day and drink it according to
your intuition.

As the Hathors point out, Medicines of Light have
many more applications than just protection and
healing from radiation poisoning. You can use
these to protect and/or heal yourself from
neurotoxins, as well as bacterial and viral
infections. Although they did not mention it, I
asked the Hathors after they gave this message if
the method would work for other physical
challenges such as cancer. And they said that
Medicines of Light could most definitely be
created in the same way to deal with this type of
situation-as well as others.

Obviously, if you are dealing with a serious
situation such as radiation poisoning, exposure
to neurotoxins, and/or epidemics of bacterial and
viral infections, you will want to avail yourself
of all medical remedies. In other words, this
method is not meant to replace medical or public
health solutions, but is meant to be an adjunct,
something you can do yourself-for yourself.

After giving their message, I asked the Hathors
about making Medicines of Light for those who are
unable to do it for themselves, like children and
pets. They said that you would use the same
method, except for the fact that you would
qualify the intent for the child or animal you
are going to give the Medicine to. For example,
if you were creating a Medicine of Light to
protect or heal yourself from radiation
poisoning, you would send the thought that the
energetic you are going to receive from your
Celestial Soul is for your own personal
protection or healing. If you were going to do
this for a child or a pet, you would send the
thought that the energetic you are going to
receive from your Celestial Soul is for the
protection or healing of the being you are going
to give the Medicine to, i.e. your child or your

It is here that I would like to interject
something. It is far better to teach someone how
to create a Medicine of Light than to create a
dependency. The ability to create Medicines of
Light is an inherent ability in all human beings.
It is part of our multidimensional legacy. And to
empower someone to do this for him or her self is
a service to his or her mastery.

I would personally hate to see this method being
used by "healers" to create Medicines of Light
for others under the guise that they have some
special powers that others do not. This method
for creating Medicines of Light is a human
birthright, and my feeling is that it should be
shared with all persons.

There is much that I would like to share about
this simple method for creating Medicines of
Light, but philosophical and metaphysical
observations will have to wait for another time.

The Hathors are insistent that we post this
information and circulate it as quickly as is

©2011 Tom Kenyon All Rights Reserved www.tomkenyon.com

You may make copies of this message and
distribute it in any media you desire so long as
you do not charge for it, do not alter it in any
way, credit the author, and include this
copyright notice.

* * * Disclaimer: I am not making any attempt to prescribe
medical treatment. What I share is for informational
purposes only, and not intended to replace a one-on-one
relationship with your doctor or qualified health care professional. 
I encourage you to make your own health care decisions based
on your own research and in partnership with a qualified health
care professional.


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