Attorney Randall Schorr - CHN deal maker

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Attorney Randall Schorr - CHN deal maker
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NOAH II LLC - what is NHI address 2999 Payne?




While those of us await the next PSH homeless housing from CHN-Eden constructed at 3873-3881 W 25th - site of former YMCA, CHN uses their good ole shape-shifter attorney Randall Shore to intentionally confuse the status of the parcels in question:

The mysterious NOAH II LLC AKA CHN Crime Partners



Check the Ohio Secretary of State Business Search for NOAH II LLC. It was set up to dissolve after 12 years. Nothing under Articles of Incorporation about EXACTLY what they did, the ubiquitous RANDALL SHORR attorney to the scum non profit mafia filed the paper work. All the defrauding of the banks carefully hidden. The mailing address ONLY 2999 Payne Ave Suite 306 gives it away. Guess who signed off on the dissolution. None other than our local hero destroying Cleveland neighborhoods one house at a time. Rob Curry.

The shady NOAH II LLC (aka Cleveland Housing Network) got a "loan" from Key Bank in 6/21/2004 for $$$$$$$$$1,700,000. ONE MILLION SEVEN HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS. Those were the days my friend CHN thought they'd never end. And with those funds CHN Crime Partners slapped up 13 poorly constructed 3 bedroom colonials with low quality materials that they love so much houses in dangerous crime infested neighborhoods. And sold them to poor black folks at obscene prices. REALLY OBSCENE! Like $150,000 in 2007. In EAST CLEVELAND. And of. f East 55 in Cleveland. One of them was the famous exploding colonial located at 1073 E 125 which CLEVELAND HOUSING NETWORK sold on 12/20/2004 for $139,000. Yup that's right. It was foreclosed on 6/29/2012.


Here are the rest: addresses and sale prices. Cleveland Housing Network so dedicated to improving their bank account they defrauded the banks and the new owners. CHN has so discredited themselves with local banks they are no longer able to run THIS kind of scam as no lenders will touch them for sales of new construction homes. But the owners of the 13 NOAH II LLC AKA CHN CRIME PARTNERS been foreclosed on OR will never be able to sell their houses for what they paid for them. Imagine how the meeting went between these trusting African American wanting to realize the American dream and own their own home and how shamlessly they were played at the CHN Crime Partners embassy at 2999 Payne Avenue. When someone WiTH NO ETHICS OR CONSCIENCE being paid with our tax dollars funneled through HUD sat on the other side of a desk and tricked them into signing the contract and the mortgage. And CHN pocketed the CA$H. And di$$olved the corporation and headed stealthily into the night hoping never to have these 13 sales tracked back to them. Thirteen houses sold for 3 times their market value by the all compassionate money grubbing unscrupulous opportunistic WHITE leaders of CHN crime partners Rob Curry and Kathy Urban Montebank. To African Americans who bought their PT Barnum sales pitch. CHN knew that inevitable foreclosures and demoes would eventually happen leaving the banks including Third Federal and Key holding the bag. And then culminating in an explosion that destroyed several homes including 1073 E 125.


1079 E 125 sold for $147,000 12/31/2004 

1105 E 125 sold for $148,000 12/20/2007

1127 E 125 sold for $99,000 4/29/2010

1133 E 125 sold for $149,000 9/31/2007 transferred to the Land Bank 1/28/2015

1145 E 125 sold for $149,053 11/21/2007

1067 E 125 sold for $150,500 9/14/2007

1085 E 125 sold for $140,900 5/18/2007

5710 White sold for $153,900 1/13/2006 foreclosed 1/6/2009

5706 White sold for $153,767 4/29/2005

5700 White sold for $154,900 3/25/2005

5612 White sold for $154,500 6/17/2005 foreclosed on 11/4/2016

6215 Linwood sold for $155,900 12/17/2004

5616 White sold for $149,900 10/20/2005