Drop ANCHOR on Port Authority Levy Issue 108

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sun, 10/07/2012 - 21:12.

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Image:  Stephen B Roman Essroc cement carrier port side anchor, Cuyahoga river 

Drop the anchor on the Cleveland Cuyahoga County Port Authority's tax levy, Issue 108 on the ballot. 

The Port Authority needs to be shut down, NOT PROVIDED WITH ADDITIONAL LEVY REVENUE which would allow it to expand.  

The Port Authority and their maveric, corrupt, influence available bonding authority is a big liability and big ongoing problem for the County.   The Port Authority creates monsters - the veterans project in University Circle with it's federally indicted operators, the empty University Square parking garage, and of course the fiasco with Mr. Wasserman and indicted Robert Peto

There is gobs more bad news about the Port Authority - but just trust me - I have been following these characters for almost 10 years.   The Port Authority needs to be terminated.

I strongly advise ....VOTE NO ON ISSUE 108.

You can help get Cuyahoga County out from under the corruption...$tarve the Port Authority to death.

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Port Authority

Excellent post, Jeff with links to help explain the position.
A question, though. While agreeing that this body shouldn't be given any more money, what is a replacement body to get some basic stuff done?
There is some legitimate work that needs to happen, and under normal circumstances, that would fall to a port authority type.
Maybe it is time to put an issue on a future ballots removing this port authority but we need a replacement body with clear directives.

We could wait for indictments, but not everyone gets indicted.