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Submitted by Charles Frost on Fri, 03/26/2010 - 20:41.

Subject: Fwd: Bring $10,000 to Cleveland
Date: Tuesday, March 23, 2010, 11:48 AM

This only takes a few minutes.  Thanks in advance for your support of this important work.

Please forward!


DVC Supporters - 
Domestic Violence Center  is one of 10 National Finalists in the Spread the Warmth Contest, which offers us the possibility of winning $10,000 - if we spread the word and ask people to click on the website below!
DVC is fortunate to have a volunteer , Kristina, who works on the March 4 Marci every year, keeping Marci's legacy alive and educating teens on teen dating violence. She was a very good friend of Marci's  - Marci was killed by her husband, leaving 2 small children behind, which the grandparents are raising.  Kristina nominated DVC to win $10,000 through the Spread the Warmth Contest through Stove Top Stuffing.
 They are accepting votes  for who you think should win.
So please forward this to all friends and family - Just click on www.spreadthewarmth.com  
to vote for #3 which is DVC and mentions March 4 Marci. This could be $10,000 that we greatly need!

Forward to everyone you know. Thank you!
   Linda Dooley Johanek
   Executive Director
     (216)688-7281  (216)688-7281

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Collecting data

  Hi Bill-I filled it out--although, it does seem a bit insidious.  Corporations collecting personal data under the guise of a cause.  But, what the hell?  They know everything there is to know about me, already.  Right?!

Corporations collecting personal data under the guise of a cause

One can always have a pseudonym if one is concerned about such things...

You could have been Lana Lang, at 1234 Superperson Drive, New York, NY 12234, with an e-mail of lanalang [at] aol [dot] com, but what do I know?


He who laughs last didn't get the joke.