Easy "Energy-Bimbo" Test: Does your Ecomagination Make Mining and Coal Seem Clean and Sexy to You?

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Thu, 06/24/2010 - 02:52.

Before the Deepwater Era of today, there was the Sustainabilly Era of the past decade, when environmentalism was as easy as drinking the right beer, and green-washing was punctuated by mega-conglomerate mind-control spam promoting a clean, sexy, prosperous life for all, by all simply being beautiful energy-bimbos with ecomagination.

In the Sustainabilly Era, there was a global competition of dirty energy companies seeking to seem clean and beautiful... and to make their dirty energy offerings seem clean and beautiful. Industrial powerhouses like BP and GE barraged the world with sexy portrayals of their most "Sustainable" vision for the future - our world "Beyond Petroleum" of their "Ecomagination".

Advertising agencies and PRstitutes made large fortunes.

Citizens became energy-bimbos.

While BP deserves the prize for most perversely absurdest Pythonesque imagery, with their D-cup vision of life beyond petroleum, GE proved to be the titillation champs when they channeled Charlie's Angels into a coal mine for their "GE - Imagination at Work" - Ecomagination - advertisement for clean coal above.

Does this make mining and coal seem clean and sexy to you?

Only children of Dynasty could be so out of touch with reality... ever.

Guess what - JR is dead.

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