Easy Money

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This week - Steven Litt and Michelle Jarboe extolled 20+ years work by attorney Anthony Coyne on City of Cleveland Planning Commission - what they don't mention is the FACT that his law firm benefited to the tune of $400 million dollars in the inflated settlement for the Cold Storage Bldg.  

There had to be more transactions, in which his position at Planning Commission helped prime work for his law firm.  

 This is typical CLE graft machine at it's finest- all wrapped up in a FEEL GOOD moment thanks to the NEOMG:



Probate Judge Laura Gallagher, who handled the case, said it was a fair deal for taxpayers.

She noted that the settlement includes full payment of $777,000 in unpaid taxes to Cuyahoga County. It was one of the largest delinquencies on rercord*, she said  (*NEOMG typo)


How convenient that Fred Finley (related to Congresswoman Marcia Fudge (D)) got away w/not paying his taxes on the cold storage building for YEARS under Treasurer Rokakis (D) and Deputy Treasurer Gus Frangos (D)??  


Everyone wins in this settlement?  Fair deal for taxpayers?  REALLY - when ODOT pays the settlement with public monies??  See how this works!

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