E.L.E. Extinction Level Event Coming Asteroid Warning Govt Preps Underground Bases & Extinction Protocol (dig back yard shelter

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There are a number of events occurring right now from planetary alignments similiar to 2004 when a massive 9.2/9.3  earthquake struck the Indian Ocean, followed by a tsunami, killing over 200,000 people, to a NASA warning of "scores of giant asteroids" set to hurtle past earth within the month, to extremely high level military sources leaking information about massive preparations being made by the US government, including data on 500 - 50 truck caravans per day/week in a mad dash to stock up underground bases for some type of upcoming event, food shortages being reported in smaller communities across the country,  and finally the mystery surrounding the owner of the "Extinction Protocol" website.

"We know a lot but we don't know everything, we like to think we know everything but we don't" - Direct quote told to Steve Quayle by a high ranking intelligence professional before his death.

An email was forwarded to All News PipeLine concerning the mysterious disappearance of the Extinction Protocol website owner, Alvin Conway, shown below:


So true. Before he disappeared about early November 2014, Alvin Conway, who manages THE EXINCTIONPROTOCOL  posted earlier in the year that NASA and other people who monitor space activity said that our solar system was moving into a dense portion of the galaxy and the chances of earth being hit were much higher than ever before.

Alvin Conway has not been heard from in over two months on his facebook site and his two web sites. The world is wondering?

Also, 01.05.15- same planetary alignment that occurred in 2004 and we had the 9.2 earth quake and the tidal waves that killed over 200,000.

We must pray-------thanks

Due to the nature of the concerns and in connection with the prior assertion of earth being hit, we decided to deal with the Conway issue first. It is true his Facebook page was not updated for two months as well as the last article written on the Extinction Protocol website being on November 13, 2014. It is also true that his readers expressed some serious concerns on

his personal Facebook page, but on January 1, 2014, after nearly three months of going quiet, a photo was shared under his name on his personal page.

One of his readers also claimed on his

Extinction Protocol Facebook page to have heard from Conway on December 28, 2014, stating "For anyone who is reading this page, I have heard from Alvin. He wrote "Life changes. I've been traveling...and working on other extensive projects." So he is okay."

ANP has sent Conway an email as well as a Facebook request to please contact us.

On to the other issues, such as the question of whether we are facing and E.L.E (Extinction Level Event) and whether said event is the reason behind the massive preparations being made by the US government by stocking up deep underground military bases across the US?

As pointed out by ANP co-owner Live Free or Die, the article discussing NASA's revelations of incoming asteroids, uses terms such as "as “alter life as we know it”, “destroying cities and knocking out transport and communication networks”, “real show stoppers” and “civilization-stopper”, which all appear to qualify as an E.L.E.

The information on the rushed last-minute stocking of underground bases, many detailed at the

Bob Fletcher Investigations website here, came from a very high level military source, shared with The Hawk by Greg Evensen (discussed here) and confirmed to me by another source just this morning who spoke to Evensen to verify.

There have been an uncanny number of scientists and researchers who have mysteriously died over the last 15 years, extensively documented by Steve Quayle from

1994-2003 here and from 2004-2014 here, many of which were astronomers, as is addressed in an ANP article here asking "Is This Why The Astronomers Died?",  bringing up the obvious question of what they knew, what they were studying, and if the deaths are "coincidental" or if they discovered something that caused their early demise.

It is also noteworthy that in

late 2013, multiple media outlets reported that the UN was hearing evidence on why a program needed to be created to battle asteroids with astronauts stating that earth needed to be defended from what was coming from space. Furthermore, in December 2014, just weeks ago, it was reported that "ESA and national disaster response offices recently rehearsed how to react if a threatening space rock is ever discovered to be on a collision course with Earth." This was their first asteroid-imapct exercise ever. 

In a case of reality possibibly mimicking Hollywood fiction, we are reminded by a reader of the 1998 movie "

Deep Impact" where it states "Unless a comet can be destroyed before colliding with Earth, only those allowed into shelters will survive. Which people will survive?"

If the recent NASA revelation and the information on the underground base preparations is connected, then it would seem the answer to which people will survive, would be the elite, certain members of the political structure and military, but what about the everyday citizen just going about their business?

Is there an E.L.E. coming? Would the government even tell us if it were or would they be too concerned about creating a panic among the people while they are rushing to guarantee their own survival?



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