This is NOT Trayvon Martin

Ban hoodies in public buildings

Sign found at library in Austin, Texas.


And - if you agree with me - you may want to encourage public institutions like libraries and schools to enforce a common sense ban on the wearing of hoods while inside of our public safety so little a priority?

Cruelty is not cool....


And, lest someone think that this is an "urban" issue - know that Lakewood schools (and most schools- schools all across the country don't advertise their dress code) and the Austin Texas library system -BAN hoodies INSIDE a building:

Police man hat & dark glasses just like older Tsarnaev

 You won't ever find a UPS man at your door with dark glasses and a hat.   

Why not?

Civility and the fact that UPS wants to make the delivery and get a signature - not be rebuffed as looking aggressive or otherwise off-putting. 

How about police with an armful of tattoos?   


  my opinions do not -Whistleblower for bad policy

my opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of my employer, my spouse, my cat, my neighbors, my extended family or anyone I happen to acknowledge on the street, bus, etc.


This issue - allowing and ENCOURAGING kids to become thugs-gangsters-murderers- will/has resulted in mortality.  My colleagues have been verbally threatened and physically threatened AT GUNPOINT.  Our union is refusing to protect these employees.

 And, while a sign can't save someone - it can change our culture of permitting this behavior.  It is a BAD BEHAVIOR - it is not racial, it is not profiling.  It is just promoting a culture of RESPECT, instead of a culture of DISRESPECT.

Here is a sign of how low we have degraded society - that passengers on a train have to be REMINDED to show respect for the driver - how about librarians, bank tellers, teachers, store clerks...I guess it is just OPEN SEASON on anyone who works with the public in the community.

Perpetuating the underclass - by encouraging bad behavior

Sadly - this behavior helps perpetuate the status quo and under class in cities - it's not an issue of skin color - it's an issue of allowing bad behavior.

And, unions don't want to help employees at schools and libraries to enforce policy to discourage gangs - because in the words of my union rep, that would be "racial profiling."  

So, to my friends who think it is too much to tell a kid to put their hood down when they enter a building - listen to what we are up against and consider living your life a prisoner for four years of high school (and even grade school) HELL:

Grooming the next generation of inmates...for the institutional prison system in USA.  The New Jim Crow:

Response to Phillip Morris about lethal clashes -youth and guns

Signs at City of CLE rec centers


Hello Mr. Morris - 


I hope you will read my post at REALNEO  -


I know the young man in this picture - he grew up not far from where I live - I see kids like him everyday.  Bored and susceptible to gang influence.  

There are always teens who engage in bad behavior - it is doubly bad, when they happen to be African-American- I understand that.  


Kids playing loud music, menacing folks by forming large groups and walking down the middle of the street or entering a building with a hood pulled over there head- sure, that shouldn't result in being shot at - but it would help if these kids did not engage in the bad behavior in the first place.


Kids are alienated - and bored -we need to talk about providing better outlets for their energies at this age.  It has nothing to do with skin color.




Another child murdered - Rasheen Bledsoe - when do adults act like adults and provide parenting for these kids? WE ALL BEAR RESPONSIBILITY.

Ryan Dorty - CLE gangland


What is the future for Ryan Dorty? - the hooded assailant in this photo - (thankfully his victim recovered from a gunshot wound to the stomach - but he will never be the same either)  What sentence is justified for the crime?

At last night's Second District Community meeting, the County Prosecutor's office outlined upcoming cases that might warrant court watch - I doubt anyone will be going to the sentencing of Ryan Dorty.  

No one in Northeast Ohio has a handle on how the gangs absorb young males (and females) and no one will acknowledge that, even if teens do not want to be engaged in a gang- the gang will claim them.  No one wants to be targeted for retribution by these underground networks (that carry out revenge long after folks try to leave the gang).

I suspect Ryan was one of those young men recruited (and not necessarily by choice). At last night's meeting during the County Prosecutor's report, the presenter noted that Ryan Dorty's grandmother called in and reported her grandson.  


How far does gang behavior in Northeast Ohio have to go, before it is stopped.  Why can't we save these kids?


At a news conference Tuesday, Cleveland Police Commander Gary Gingell talked about efforts to get illegal guns off of the city's streets. The news conference highlighted the guns seized through the federally funded Violence and Gun Reduction Interdiction Program, or V-GRIP. The program includes law enforcement agencies from the city, county, state and federal government. (Lisa DeJong/The Plain Dealer)


Testimony showed that Walker-Curry gave the boyfriend, Chad Padgett, a $1,000 down payment to carry out the murder. Padgett contacted his cousin Chris Hein, who initially failed in his attempt to kill Walker. Hein then turned to Ryan Dorty to carry out the killing.

Misconduct is a crime - on buses -libraries should follow suit

It's spring - sap is rising.  And, the hoodies are coming out.  Time for my annual plea to talk to your BOYS - and your girls.  Don't invite trouble.

Thank you CPD Police Calvin Williams

Photo credit: City of Cleveland

Who has shown himself to be a calming force in City of Cleveland during the Brelo trial - and a far more eloquent public speaker than our Mayor.  Thank you for asking PARENTS to watch their kids - reminding them to be responsible for the action of their children.  We all need to grow up in this town.