ed hauser lives - guy-yogi went to change words on my catania post & got Eternal Home of Ed Hauser, on REALNEO

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realneo.us is the spirit of ed hauser and other spirits - as i clicked my post to change words from worse to assault and menacing to my catania post -  the post of Eternal Home of Ed Hauser, on REALNEO Submitted by Norm Roulet on November 26, 2008 - 10:59am.appeared - this has happen a few times  before with other posts and ed hauser posts -  but this time i have to tell you all that this is no accident no coincidence - ed hauser lives through all of us on realneo.us and the universes - and is watching and protecting us - "there is no death only a change of worlds" chief seattle

Eternal Home of Ed Hauser, on REALNEO

Submitted by Norm Roulet on November 26, 2008 - 10:59am.

Ed Hauser celebrating victory saving Whiskey Island, Cleveland Ohio, at AJ Rocco's

EDWARD J. "CITIZEN" HAUSER, beloved son of Walter and Theresia; dearest brother of Harold, Sylvia, Thomas, and Caroline Widemann (husband Reiner); dear uncle of Nicole and Erik; dear friend of Cathy Stahurski; dear nephew, cousin and friend to many.

Ed Hauser died suddenly November 14, 2008. Northeast Ohio has lost its most ardent, studied and tenacious citizen activist.

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sammy catania does to guy - yogi and worse what he falsly accussed me of in 2009 - staking and harressing

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Ed does not rest in peace

No doubt about Ed being with us here, entering three years beyond.

Today is the anniversary of his death, and Ed does not rest in peace.

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May Ed's spirit drive us all

I stumbled upon this posting today, and was reminded of this sad anniversary.

How can we live up to Ed's standard? He set the bar high.

::.. Make No Small Plans .::

::.. Make No Small Plans .::

Welcome to realNEO! This was part of Ed's big plan.

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Photo stories--Cleveland is ALIVE

Thank you Jerry Mann for joining REALNEO and for remembering Ed Hauser.  I remember him holding a beer and watching the sunset at Whiskey Island.  Not a bad memory :)

didn't know it is ed hausers live anviversry - ed knows

didn't know it is ed hausers live anviversry - ed knows - and ed told me the way he knew i would discover and pass on ed lives  - norm if its not to much trouble and time can you give us the paticulars of ed's socalled death - what happen that day or week - where did he go - what where who why etc. - maybe ed's telling us he was murdered when ed posted via catania's assault menacing post and ed's maybe telling us to investigate

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Ed Hauser would be alive today in Massachusetts or Ontario, Ca.

Hello Guy,

I am copying below Roldo Bartimole's post on Realneo from December 18, 2008.  I am personally familiar with the facts of Mr. Hauser's death - Roldo is correct about the circumstances and about the real tragedy - lack of health care for everyone. 

Only the good die young - except in states like Massachusetts, provinces like Ontario, Canada, or countries with universal health care.   I hadn't thought of this until now, but the healthcare which Massachusetts provides its citizens gives the state a huge competitive advantage over other states: in Massachusetts citizen advocates like Ed Hauser will continue to live, while in the other states they will be more apt to die.

Best, Jeff b


Article by Roldo Bartimole:


Ed Hauser’s death was a tragedy that didn’t have to happen. It was a death that should not have happened. In many other countries, it would not have happened.
The circumstances of his death may be the reason many more will die today and tomorrow.
Ed died because America doesn’t have the decency to protect its own citizens with the health care that’s basic in all other industrial societies.
The American aversion to universal health care is killing people by neglect. It must be corrected.
Ed didn’t have health insurance.
“I do believe that was part of his concern,” said his girl friend, Cathy Stahurski, who took him to the hospital, too late. He died on the way.
He had been “making excuses” not to seek medical care, she said. She felt he didn’t want to seek help because he didn’t have insurance coverage. He did have a policy for catastrophic care, she said.
The coroner’s office, according to the Plain Dealer, ruled his death as a “heart attack.”
Hauser didn’t have a job. An electrical engineer, he was laid off 10 years ago by LTV Steel. He had been working temporary jobs recently but was out of work.
He certainly was working but you don’t get paid by being a great citizen.
As Mike Roberts wrote recently of Hauser in Cleveland Magazine, “The town could use a few more good men like Ed Hauser.
“Hauser is a pain – a persistent, nagging, unyielding pain. On the medical scale of one to 10, he would rate a 10. What makes him so painful is that he challenges the way the town and its dysfunctional government work.”
Hauser saved (for the time being anyway) Whiskey Island – named so because it housed an early distillery – from being gobbled up by the Cuyahoga-Cleveland County Port Authority. The island – which really isn’t an island – sits on Lake Erie immediately west of the Cuyahoga River. His unyielding work to keep the island from development earned him the title of “Mayor of Whiskey Island,” and the tag of honor, “Citizen Hauser.”
Hauser attended Port Authority meetings, demanded documents and even videotaped its meetings.
He was the burr that wouldn’t go away.
It cost him his health.
So the richest nation in the world couldn’t or wouldn’t save Ed Hauser.
Here we sit in Cleveland, Ohio, the home of the famed Cleveland Clinic but Ed Hauser waited too long to get medical help. He died waiting. I don’t blame specifically the Cleveland Clinic but it definitely is an institution, as they say when a crime is committed, “of interest.”
Our corporatized society likes to keep costs low. Ed was one of the casualties of that policy. Even when the auto companies are drowning in debt, they aren’t in the vanguard of demanding university health care, which would relieve them of huge costs.
Why? Ideology.
As Sen. George Voinovich pointedly said of President-elect Barack Obama, he’s a “socialist.” That’s an ideological position, one that fits corporate think.
The kind of thinking that denies many Americans even minimum health care.
How many Ed Hausers are there? We know there are tens of millions of them without proper health insurance, thus without proper health care.
The U. S. Census Bureau reported in 2007 that 47 million Americans were without health insurance, a figure rising each of the previous seven years. With the recession a year old that figure likely has rising considerably.
As the economy continues to deteriorate there will be tens of more millions soon.
Ed has received many deserved plaudits for his selfless work as a citizen activist. This is fine and proper.
There are other Ed Hausers out there who do similar work, maybe not as doggedly or as persistently as Ed has.
Cleveland also is the home of some of the large and well-funded foundations.
I think there ought to be at least some interest in funding activists who monitor government agencies. However, the great foundations don’t seem to gravitate to this kind of citizen action.
That costs people like Ed Hauser. It costs us, too, because there really is no citizen regulation of the very bad behavior of our business, political and civic life in Cleveland.


ed also controled the size of type and boldness - i didn't do it

ed also controled the size of type and boldness of said post - i didn't  do it - i posted the normal way and large type and bold appeared - i presume to show us ed's boldness and larger than life essence

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jeff i bet the coroner didn't do complete blood for posions toxi

jeff i bet the coroner didn't do complete blood for posions -  chemicals that cause heat attacks that look like scocalled normal heart attacks - like rosemary vinci and many others - i know very well - i was given said toxins in the past and surived - the only way any enity can murder me and yogi is to cut our heads off and then we will be in spirit form like ed and they will wish for a fast death

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