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 I stopped and spoke with these two fellows to check on the current prices paid for scrap steel- a nickel a pound or $100.00 per ton. 

They were happy to converse, but weren't keen on being photographed up close. 

Each of their shopping baskets had, I would estimate, between 100lbs and 200lbs of rusty cast iron and steel - a 1 inch diameter steel rod about 3 feet long, a piece of angle iron, what looked like a plate that goes under the rail road rail and through which the RR spikes are hammered, etc.   These fellows had been gleaning the fields around the TriC area and were headed on Saturday to the scrap yard at E55th and 490.   

Making the carts roll with all the weight in them required putting their backs into the job.   These fellows were in good fettle though,  cuz the money will be green when they get their baskets to Market!


This is   trickle down in action in NorthEastOhio – work hard for about four hours, and get take-home pay of about $10.00.   I explained to them that as soon as Bill Mason got his wind turbines built out in Lake Erie and as soon as Mr. Hagan and Mr. Dimora got the Kennedy ConCenter up and running, things would be even better in Cuyahoga County. 

There would be more and better trickle down for them.  

They seemed ecstatic!

They said they could hardly wait!  

The fellow in the orange pants hollered after my car as I pulled away.. .’Thank God the County’s got it’s priorities straight!"

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