Will vote YES for Issue 1 on March 6th?

Submitted by lmcshane on Mon, 02/06/2012 - 20:18.

My gut reaction to any mailer from Council President Martin Sweeney is to trash it (and burn at high temperature to fuel CPP!)

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Home Rule and Equal Protection!

 Hi Laura, 

Mr. Sweeney I still don't have much faith in...Jimmy called Martin a few times...just sayin'. Surely it was all Innocent conversation between Martin and Jim - not any payoffs or other graft arrangements, not about hiring with the public's tax dollar each other's relatives or friends, no - that's for sure.   Emily will support me in this, Im confident...


By adding a gratuitous 5 points to Cleveland resident's scores - you are committing to:

Employing candidates who are less qualified than someone living outside of Cleveland,  (who had the same score - 5)

Violating the US Constitution which promises "equal protection",  that is to say that every citizen has the same standing across the Country,

Supporting a back door pseudo entry to "home rule" - home rule just being more jargon for violating equal protection.  

I can't see how fencing off Cleveland (by giving Cleveland residents some type of contest advantage) will  improve Cleveland.  

Just ask Jimmy...

Cleveland will only be improved when we pull out all the monopoly, preferential, buddy system crap. 

Wide open.  Head to Head. Bring it on.

Stand tall.

Against all.

That's how Cleveland will prosper.