Women making a difference

Submitted by lmcshane on Thu, 03/25/2010 - 22:02.

As March comes to an end, I am personally reflecting on strong local women who make a difference in Northeast Ohio. 

Tonight, I marvelled at the efforts of Marcie Goodman, who directs the Cleveland International Film Festival.  This event defines Cleveland and uplifts our notoriously down spirits.  Bravo, Marcie--you are a personal hero.

I think, too, of Alenka Banco, director of the Convivium33 Gallery and St. Josaphat Arts Center; Chloe Hopson, director of Passport Project Global Dance and Music Project; and Eugenia Strauss, director of CityMusic--and I CAN Believe in Cleveland.

I also want to praise Jan Ridgeway--the unsung civil rights hero of Cleveland Public Library.  She retires this weekend, but I know that she will not stop fighting for her passions in life--CHILDREN and the ARTS. 

BRAVO to all of these brave, strong women and the more to come.

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Don't forget former Mayor Jane Campbell ...

and council woman Fannie Lewis. Some of Cleveland's best leaders have been women.

they follow in the steps of others

As I read the coverage about the fire at Euclid Avenue Congregational Church this past week, I noted that Joan Southgate is a member of that now homeless congregation. It made me wonder if the Cozad-Bates House might be a place for them to reconvene given their history and diversity.

Cleveland has historically been blessed with women of courage and stamina.

Joan Southgate

Thanks Susan--Cleveland was known as "Hope" on the underground railroad.  I think your idea has REAL merit.  I also hope that perhaps--the congregation will be able to consolidate and inhabit one of the Catholic Churches threatened with closure.

Joan Southgate definitely makes a real difference in Northeast Ohio.  Please forgive me for the omission.  I know that there are many unsung and great women in NEO--we tend to overlook and take for granted.

I hope others will join REALNEO and make our great local women known to more people worldwide.