West 25 underbridge public art

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Fri, 10/23/2009 - 22:50.
West 25 underbridge public art

graffitti under West 25 street bridge cleveland ohio composit image 10.23.09 jeff buster

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Ah, autumn in Cleveland

So refreshing Jeff.

Human Expression on 4 Continents

 Hello Lee

 I have been to art museums on 4 continents but my spine tingles with its highest voltage when the expressor expects nothing - not even that someone might observe their effort....
Being in this schizoid “gallery”, abreast a dangerously active railroad line, under a pounding highway, takes my breath away each time I visit.   And I don't stay long.
Could the Cleveland Clinic adapt it’s present (admirable) creative displays to include walls in its long white hallways with multiple co-coordinated flat screens and audio to attempt to do replicative justice to this hobo living room?
Credit is due to MBM for putting this wonderful venue on my radar...and taking me there the first time.
Best jeffb

MBM =Mary Beth Matthews

   In my line of work, I find that educators, like MBM, are the only people who can truly SEE.

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