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My friend David Sherman has been flat on his back in bed for two years. 

Could be depression.

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could be stroke?

 what's he saying?

Thanks for your concern DW - David's an enigma

 I need Dragon Naturally Speaking or some other voice to text software because there is so much in life which is important to commemorate and not enought time in the day to do it by typing.

So David is always cheerful and upbeat - has a joke or a tease - never complains about being incapacitated.  

I have known David for 15 years.   He wasn't dealt the strongest hand in the game - but nonetheless he has the strongest integrity and will always come through on what he says he will do.  David always had the time and the energy to say "hello, how are you" when he went by on the sidewalk - Unlike some of the attorney, doctor, professional types with whom I grew up - they pass by with briefcase, head down, no comment.   

In my book Sherman is a gem. 

But, after a quadruple and a carotid artery reaming courtesy of medicare and the state, David's mobility began to slack.  He always came by the house pushing his shopping cart - every day.   Then every other day.  Then rarely. Then he stayed in his house.  With the ac on. 

I visited him to try to rock his world.  Get him out.  

I'm often pursuasive, but made no progress. 

David said his spine hurt when he stood.   

I think he was lonely.

Maybe a little scared living alone without his usual mobility. 

Then one hot day two years ago he feels he is out of breath - ambulance takes him to the local hospital - and from the hospital he moves to long term care home - and is still there. 

Once when I visited I was able to have the Phys Therp. get David into a wheel chair - but not for long.   Back in bed.

There are so many exigent circumstances in all our lives - where we could be more helpful if we had more time, more money. 

Alas, this post is all I can do right now.