Election Day! Cleveland council race features unique candidate

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By Teresa Albano

CLEVELAND - Volunteers are going house to house in this hard-hit city's West Side, getting out the vote for a candidate who they believe will "shake things up" and bring change to a neighborhood pockmarked with abandoned houses and torn up streets.
It is one of the most intriguing of several hot races around the country that will be decided on Tuesday.

Rick Nagin, a longtime resident of Cleveland's Ward 14, is in a runoff to represent the ward in the City Council. Nagin has deep roots in the ward. He and his wife Ann raised their two daughters there. His resume gives his experience as an AFL-CIO labor candidate school graduate, and the fact he is fluent in Spanish, priority over his PhD from Rockefeller University. Nagin is a member of the Communications Workers of America and a delegate to the Cleveland Central Labor Council. He is seen as the labor candidate, endorsed by the local AFL-CIO and labor's champion Rep. Dennis Kucinich, along with a number of local unions.

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  I always thought that his


I always thought that his campaign was built on misrepresentations like his claim that he was a long time resident of ward 14 while living in Ward 15 for 21 years. Rick's interpretation of all of the facts just doesn't hold up in the light of day. We voted for competance rather than slogans.

No need to trash Nagin

Election is over!  I voted for Cummins, but thought Nagin had many good points and never found him to misrepresent himself.  Rick's part of 15 is 14.  Moot point. 

We will wait and see if

We will wait and see if competence prevails.  I just hope that the one that won has his map.  He now needs to cross over the bridge. At least 46% of his constituents live on the other side of it. 

The ward boundaries have

The ward boundaries have been changed a few times over the years.  Does anyone know how to go back and look at what areas belonged to what wards in what years?  I know that my street has been changed a few times, from Ward 14, to Ward 15, back to Ward 14. 

Ward 14 is amazing

This was the only interesting race in Cleveland, and I was impressed by both candidates, and all their supporters (whoever you are), who did an honorable job of exploring important issues throughout the campaign - I look forward to seeing everyone there come together so Ward 14 may show the rest of the city how to lead by further good example.

Congratulations, Cummins, Nagin, and residents of Ward 14. Excellent race.

Disrupt IT

Cleveland: 94.737% dead

Cleveland now has 19 voting wards.  
One of those 19 wards has (supposedly) = 5.2631% of the total Cleveland adult population. 
Only one ward in Cleveland   took any interest in who their local governmental representative would be in Cleveland City Counsel. 
This means Cleveland is 94.737% civically dead.  
That’s why Cleveland is shrinking year in and year out.  
But Propositions 2, 3, and 6 will make it all better.