Cuyahoga County Land Bank - EMERGENCY Call 911 - Hamdi 'Sam" Qasem- COUNTY CORRUPTION

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It was an EMERGENCY for city and county officials to sell land bank property to Hamdi 'Sam" Qasem, who later pleaded guilty to conspiring in a racketeering enterprise in the Cuyahoga County corruption scandal.

Public officials passed an EMERGENCY ordinance for the land grab on Superior Avenue.

21 Yeas and not one single Nay.

Such an EMERGENCY that Qasem failed to timely pay property taxes for YEARS after he stole the property from taxpayers- with the assistance of corrupt public officials.

The three parcels of land ( 10413037   10414038 and 10414039 ) sold for $4500. 

Samir Mohammed and Frank Russo ( both convicted in the county corruption )  signed the deed relative to this theft.





By Councilmen Lewis, Melena, Cimperman and Patmon (by departmental request).

An emergency ordinance authorizing the sale of real property as part of the Land Reutilization Program

and located at 5820, 5816, 5810 Superior Avenue to Hamdi ÒSamÓ Q a s e m .

Approved by Directors of Community Development, City Planning Commission, Finance, Law; Relieved

of Committees on Community and Economic Development, City Planning, Finance.

The rules were suspended. Yeas 21. Nays 0. Read third time in full.

Passed. Yeas 21. Nays 0.


Ord. No. 172-01.,%202001.pdf

Sam Qasem
  • Sam Qasem


Qasem is a good friend and business partner with Samir Mohammad, a top aide to County Auditor Frank Russo. Russo, who also employed Qasem's son Haddi for eight years, and County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora are prime targets of the federal investigation.

Two more pleaded guilty in the Cuyahoga County Corruption case:

The EMERGENCY was greed.  Qasem wanted a much larger parking lot for his business and some grassy areas in which to grow weeds:



 READ MORE ON LAND BANK ISSUES and then call 911

Below is Sam Qasem - hiding behind a tree for a long period of time-  watching the Gus Frangos protest:


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