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EPA definitions

 The top photo is of Arco "recycling" dump in East Cleveland. Craig Butler Dictator General of the Ohio EPA, WHO GRANTED THIS OBSCENE 4 story dump full of hazardous construction material including asbestos, gyprock and the dreaded LEAD PAINT, a permit to operate on August 20,2014, considers it to be perfectly safe and says and I quote "it poses no health risks". EVEN though 3 women on Noble Road living in single family homes abutting this dangerous toxic dump have contracted breast cancer since it opened. The bottom photo is of the once verdant tranquil green beautiful park WC Reed Field which was CLOSED for 5 years and destroyed by the EPA spending $10 million of YOUR TAX DOLLARS using Super Fund money fraudulently and claimed it "might" cause cancer although NO ONE in the Brooklyn Centre neighborhood where it was a beloved park for 50 years EVER got cancer from playing football or picnicking or dog walking there. Don't ever think the government isn't constantly looking out for you and doesn't love and care about you more than your family, your friends or your church. ESPECIALLY the EPA.

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Bipartisan Corruption in Ohio is statewide affair w/OhioEPA

Matt Dolan (R) of Cleveland has rich friends who use Western Reserve Land Conservancy as their own personal fake charitable tax shelter and title cleansing tool.  Dolan needs to protect, Rokakis and Frangos, operators for the real estate schemes through the "land banks" sprouting out all over Northeast Ohio.  The Cuyahoga County Land Bank SET up Arco and Red Rock LLC to expedite demolition of large areas in East Cleveland.  Dolan conveniently directs $6M to Ohio EPA for a clean up while the "owners" of Arco skate??  No one is buying the PD's nauseous editorial cover up.  They may shadow my comments, but other comments are just as suspicious of this "deal."  Armond Budish is complicit, Frank Jackson is complicit and the Cuyahoga County Land Bank should be shut down by the FBI.  Where is the real media??