Evolution or gentrification: Do urban farms lead to higher rents? (yes in tremont - also food from years ago was destroyed)

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(in the tremont area of cleveland ohio as the gentrification was happening most if not all the natural fruit trees and vegtibles were destroyed that were planted by the slave labors that mostly fed thems selves and family as they lived in tremont that came from all over the world to america and some came and lived and worked in the steel mills etc. in tremont -

and as a lot of the older good homes were torn down after corrupt developers and officials over violated the homes and couldn't afford to do the dishonest repairs and honest folks had to sell their homes for 1 - 2 - 3 thousands dollars on average -

for the many few hundred thousand dollar new townhouses and a lot of land was used for parking lots and a lot of the older good homes mostly were made newer as the yards that had natural fruits and vegtibles were destroyed also -

and now many years later tremont has the farmers market every tuesday not in winter at lincoln park as farmers etc. from all over sell their goods as they pay a fee and have to have insurance

and they sell to the upper middle class mostly that caused gentrification with the fifty or so bars and resturants and dozens of art galleries -

as rent went from less than 1 or 2 hundred dollars to  average 7 - 8 - 9 hundred dollars and higher -

and where are the so called urban farms in tremont - there should be many as the fancy words urban farm which is realy means growing food in the city -

which there was much food growing in tremont - not any more -

there was a lot people in tremont that worked all their lives like slaves and bought a home in tremont and a lot of military veterans - one of the highest numbers in the country came from tremont and spilled their blood and died and were wounded and bought homes with the gi bill for veterans and others - not any more -

the fancy word gentrification realy means - murdered -

cheers - sophia and guy)

Patrick Crouch -The same garden before it was paved over to make a parking lot.

Are you working in urban agriculture and want to promote social justice too? Here are some suggestions you might find helpful:

  • Learn the history of the community you are working in. Understand how it was developed, which indigenous communities lived there before, and what polices shaped it and changed it.
  • If you are not from the community you are working in, I recommend spending more time listening — really actively listening — than talking.
  • You don’t have to take credit for good ideas to see them enacted. And even if you have some good ideas, don’t assume those ideas haven’t been tried before, or that no one else has had them.
  • Seek out established leaders and support them.
  • Accept criticism graciously and don’t immediately defend yourself. Take it in and evaluate it slowly.
  • Find mentors you trust to help guide you in your work.









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