Submitted by Jeff Buster on Thu, 03/20/2008 - 18:10.

I visited the Arcelor Mittal Cleveland Works this afternoon to take a a look.   The sun came out making the scene fairly photogenic.  I began to take photos from the public way.


I wasn't there but two minutes when a Mittal security employee (Dennis Collister) drove up behind me in his pick-up with the light bar on top,  got out of his pick-up truck and approached me next to my car, and told me to get back in my car and leave.    He told me "no photography, this is a defense installation".


I have reason to believe that the employee is practicing company approved policy and that this policy violates my civil rights and  constitutes willful intimidation. 


Get out your camera in Cleveland, and it seems like everyone has something they don’t want to be seen.    That's Cleveland + Plus!

More soon,  I recorded the episode on video, and I'll get it up on U-Tube. 

Here is a map showing Dille Road and Independence Road which are public roads which run through the Arcelor Mittal Cleveland Works.    If you decide to take a ride  - bring your recording equipment.    My vehicle was right next to the "D" in Dille.

I predict that within a year or two Arcelor Mittal will convince the City of Cleveland to close these roads and allow Mittal to control all access through them.

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Cleveland+Blackwater lives in REALNEO

Jeff - your headers are great and tell important stories - make sure you promote them to the homepage so visitors see the background posting - if it isn't on the home page, many casual visitors will not see it. I came across this important posting because it is on Cyburbia, the planning community... which tracks realneo for the world.

Mittal is part of our national defense problem, allright... they are an evil, international ecoterrorism organization poisoning millions of people in NEO - the profits are sent offshore to fund further ecoterrorism around the globe. We are too mercury and lead poisoned by them, and so physically stupid, to defend ourselves against the Mittal army.... an army of corporate, political and rent-a-cop human garbage like the guard who violated your civil rights... I don't go near the place for fear of getting shot by some stupid corporate motherfucker... Cleveland+Blackwater lives in REALNEO

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