False Flag Attack Upon the GOP Convention In Cleveland (anyone doesn't do their best to prevent terroist- blood is on your hands

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(YOUR FALSE FLAGS DON'T WORK ANYMORE.  WE ARE AWAKE.) Stealing the election from Donald Trump is not the only danger that accompanies the soon-to-be “mistake on the lake” GOP convention.

A series of facts and events have coincided to give me great pause as to the potential for a major false flag event this summer at the GOP Convention to be held in Cleveland. The purpose of this article is to shine the light of day on this potential even along with the motivations behind the event in order to discourage this from ever taking place. However,

The Home of the Republican National Convention

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About 50,000 people are expected to converge on Cleveland for the four-day event, beginning July 18 at the Quicken Loans Arena, known as “The Q.” The visitors will include 15,000 media with the potential to showcase Cleveland’s economic rebound and thousands of corporate decision-makers who might be charmed into doing business in a former Rust Belt city.

Every major corporation in America will be there and the electronic and cyber exposure will be unprecedented.

Interest in the Republican convention is running unusually high because of Donald Trump’s appeal which is waking up millions of of Americans as to the corrupt political system and the wave of tyranny being exposed. The potential of a historic “knock-down, drag out” floor fight over a nominee has dramatically increased the national interest in the event.

Radical Extremists Democratic Groups Will Disrupt GOP Convention and Trump Supporters


Here is Soros choice for President. He will see her elected at any cost.

Here is Soros choice for President. He will see her elected at any cost.

The controversy as it relates to the GOP Primary and the Soros backed Moveon.org and Black Lives Matter began in March, in Chicago, as a scheduled Trump rally was canceled because of the violence perpetrated by the two Soros groups.

This led to outraged Republican to state that many Republican voters who had previously supported Ted Cruz  that they were switching their votes from  Ted Cruz to Donald Trump because they were concerned that the Texas senator “supported” the rights of Black Lives Matter protesters after he admonished the billionaire GOP front-runner for encouraging violence at his rallies in one of the most nonsensical charges ever levied against a political opponent.

What is most disturbing is that George Soros has entered the GOP political debate. You remember Soros don’t you?

Soros a well-known, sell-out Nazi Collaborator is the driving force behind the violence that accompanies groups such as moveon.org and Black Lives Matter.

Accidental Discovery

Two months ago, I was recruited to attend and report on the 2016 GOP Convention. As I explored my options, I made a horrifying discovery. To date, Soros has donated $13 million dollars to the Clinton campaign. Subsequently, I discovered that the Soros-backed  Black Lives Matter and Move0n.org have booked a multitude of rooms in Cleveland for the four nights of the convention and I subsequently became very concerned as to to the false flag potential. One can reasonably expect that if Trump is prevailing at the convention, that there will be many violent events taking place courtesy of the George Soros backed forces.

These facts only represent one avenue of a series of false flag attacks which could rear its ugly head this summer in Cleveland.

Motivations for a 9/11 Style Attack

Trump has defined the narrative of this election and it can be broken down in to the following three areas:

1. The free-trade agreements which have bankrupted millions Americans by costing them their jobs.

2. The influx of millions of illegal immigrants from which the loss of jobs to people who will work off the books and for far less, has fully been identified by Trump.

3. The hordes of refugees that poured into our country at the behest of the current administration with absolutely no consideration.

As a result of these three variables, the American based corporations have never been wealthier and the middle class to the lower class have never seen such a precipitous drop in income when adjusted for inflation. This represents the greatest wealth transfer in American history. The criminal elite in this country have struck gold. They are not going to allow Trump’s populist movement to derail their gravy train.

The criminal elite have tried every dirty trick in the book to derail Trump from rigged debates to starting riots in combination with George Soros. They have even gone so far as to get their GOP Party leaders to admit that they are disenfranchising the will of the people.  This is a tantamount admission that the financial and political rape of the country will continue and the collective will of the people be damned, speaks to the desperation of the shadowy corporate forces which controls the GOP.

The desperation of the GOP leadership is in full evidence for all to see when they seem so willing to destroy their own party by ignoring the will of the people. The GOP leadership is choosing corporate support (e.g. the legalized bribery of the corporate campaign donations), over the survival of the GOP.

If the GOP leadership is willing to destroy their own party in order to preserve illegally obtained corporate profits, how far are they willing to go to stop Trump at any cost?

Logic would dictate that a 9/11 false flag event or events has already been planned, but to what end? I think we can target a key moment in the convention that will either trigger or cancel a false flag attack.

The GOP rules state that a nominee cannot be on the ballot if they have not carried eight states. This would eliminate everyone but Trump and Cruz. Many are aware that Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney filed paperwork to run for President in January of 2016. This would eliminate the so-called Mitch McConnell “white knight” candidate. The criminal GOP leadership has feverishly been trying to eliminate the eight-state rule. However, that does not mean that the delegates are going to let them get away with that. I believe that if the eight-state rule stays in place the odds for a false flag attack will have increased exponentially. However, if the election is going to be stolen from Trump, the eight-state rule must be eliminated. Please be aware the GOP is only using Ted Cruz to prevent Trump from getting to 1237 delegates the amount needed to secure the nomination and to prevent a floor debate at the Convention.

The criminal GOP leadership has no intention of promoting Ted Cruz because he has no chance of winning. Personally, I believe that Trump is the only one who can defeat Clinton because he is the only one with enough courage to call her out for her sociopathic, criminal behavior.

Again, if Trump is prevailing on the third day of the convention, I will be the least surprised observer that such a false flag event does take place.

What Form Will the False Flag Event Take?

I am sorry, but I was not invited to the Soros planning meetings. However, history would dictate that flying planes into the “Q” would be the simplest approach and it would provide plausible deniability for the planners for such an event. After all, the FBI director, announced, last year, that all 50 states had ISIS terrorist cells. What a convenient excuse for martial law and continuation of the Obama Presidency.

Of course, the Soros thugs could pack quite a false-flag punch as well. Regardless, the summer of 2016 is going to be a long hot summer across America. Expect race riots and a general era of civil discontent.

My hope is that by exposing the current trend curves and projecting a logical outcome, that we might be able to prevent such a tragedy by shining the light of day on this potential tragic set of events.

Regardless, this situation requires intense monitoring.



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