Application for CDBG Funds in Year 36 July 2010-June 2011

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For those who wonder about how the CDBG Funding process works... here's a copy of the PDF files...there are 2 more cover pages from the Community Development Director which are not copied but are in the link! 


City of Cleveland

Frank G. Jackson, Mayor


City of Cleveland

Department of Community Development





Frank Jackson, Mayor

City of Cleveland

Daryl Rush, Director

Department of Community Development

Department of Community Development

Years 36 CDC Competitive Grant Program

Application Instructions

Please Note:

This application is for a one year period- Year 36- spanning July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2011.

Section I. General Application Information

All responses must be provided on the application. Please do not attach any additional pages.


List your agency’s complete name, address, main phone and fax numbers, and the Executive Director’s e-mail

1. Full Service CDC- The majority of the CDBG/City programs and/or services delivered by the agency

focus on the needs of residents, with the commercial/retail portions of the service area being a

complementary focus for the CDC.

2. Special Purpose CDC- The majority of the CDBG/City programs and/or services delivered by the agency

focus on the needs of businesses, with the residential portions of the service area being a complementary

focus for the CDC.

Total Funding Request

Indicate which agency description component that best fits your agency:

1. Under the Full Service CDC component, Department funding cannot exceed $75,000.

2. Under the Special Purpose CDC component, Department funding cannot exceed $25,000.

3. Beginning in Year 36, the agency will be applying for Neighborhood Development Activity (NDA) funds

at the same time they apply for the Departmental funds for their Competitive Grant Program. The

decisions on the total allocation (Department + NDA) awarded to an agency will be made jointly by the

Department and Cleveland City Council. Please indicate the total amount of NDA funds by ward that are

being requested for the Year 36 program.

Total Agency Service Area

List the total funds that are being applied for:

Include the Wards in which these areas are located using both the 2009 and the new 2010 ward boundaries.

Identify your agency’s total service area by listing the census tracts and street boundaries that it encompasses.

1. A State of Ohio Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP 2) target area is designated in your service


2. A Business Revitalization District (BRD) or Design Review District is contained within your service area.

3. Activities are carried out that reinforce a positive neighborhood brand or will advance the rebranding of a


4. The agency’s neighborhood or strategic plan includes the expansion of housing opportunities for low and

moderate income families.

Indicate whether the following applies to your agency and its service area:

Application Instructions

Section II. Strategic Initiatives

Describe Strategic Initiative Activities

Strategic Initiatives (SI) are specific sets of actions taken within a focused geographic area to address identified

neighborhood needs. For the Year 36 CDC Competitive Grant Program, an agency can designate up to three (3) Strategic

Initiative Areas.

Please Note:

reasonable amount of time (i.e., 3 to 5 years). It can encompass anywhere from a small defined geographic area to the

entire service area of the CDC.

A Strategic Initiative (SI) should be designed to have the greatest impact with specific outcomes within a

(If you have more than one Strategic Initiative, use a separate page for each initiative.) The components that

should be included in the description of the Strategic Initiative include the following:

1. Name of the Initiative (i.e., Market Street Arts District, etc.).

2. Description of current conditions requiring redevelopment activities.

3. Section of the agency’s Strategic Plan that supports the initiative.

4. Description of the methods and tools you will use to address the problem.

5. Whether the service area and activities of the Strategic Initiative:

In the space provided, identify the strategic initiative that you are proposing to carry out using CDBG resources.

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sure makes being a Councilperson a No Brainer...

So how much goes to the Cleveland Foundation SIIs...?

Pretty primative process and prospects for the City of Cleveland, but it sure makes being a Councilperson a No Brainer...

Lucky for them.

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