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Submitted by Susan Miller on Fri, 11/14/2008 - 07:11.

While in New Hampshire I visited a dog racetrack in Hinsdale - Southern New Hampshire right on the border of the state that just outlawed greyhound racing. Inside the closed-for-the season track a handful of people gathered around poker and craps tables in dingy surroundings. But my sister and I were not looking for a game, we were looking for Fast Friends.

You can read about the work of Fast Friends at their website. I just wanted to share my pics of the dogs because they are so beautiful and if I didn't think my own rescued dog would object, I might have adopted one for my home.

While racing these dogs stay in wooden crates 20 hours a day and then when they are out run 45 mph. When they stop running, they are retired. No longer of use to the tracks, the question is where will they go? 

These dogs are looking for a home.

"This is where we live now. Our fancy crates cost $1,300 and we have blankets and pillows and stuffed toys - way cooler than the digs we were used to when we were running - wooden crates with chicken wire. We get great food and our meds are covered and these folks take great care of us, but there are 165 of us in the shelter currently so to get walks and outings and food and meds required volunteers round the clock. Thank goodness the Hinsdale Racetrack made these buildings and these grassy patches available to Fast Friends. We had never stepped on grass before we came here.

Here's our Mom, Sharon. Sharon is the best - she makes all this possible with the help of a small staff and lots of volunteers. We love her."

"When we go out in the yard, we like to do yoga. Our best pose is downward dog. Mostly we chill - we're couch potatoes when not outside. We do need to be on leashes when we go out, but we are good with kids and walk along city streets looking quite regal. We like to have our greyhound friends along and having a pair of us is not a bad idea. We don't fight..."

"Take me home if you have a place for me."

"I'd love you..."

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