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 It's a whole new ballgame in 2017 - federal funds to states like Ohio will be affected.   Anthony Brancatelli, Brian Cummins and the past council reps for the West 25th corridor (Rokakis-Frangos) have staged an insane property transfer for the vacant YMCA building.


Please sign the petition and let these crooks know that our economic future does not include permanent supportive homeless housing next to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, the number one tourist destination in Northeast Ohio.



Emerald Alliance VIII-Detroit is a Permanent Supportive Housing Project that will serve  disabled, homeless individuals. Located on the west side of Cleveland, it is currently in design phase. 

Located on the  former Bridgeway campus at Detroit Road and W. 83rd Street,   

it will be a four story wood frame facility with living units on the first floor along with social service offices, a community room, conference rooms and kitchen. The upper floors will be all apartments. It will be approximately 45,000 square feet in total.

To qualify,applicants must meet all of the following criteria:

Applicants must meet HUD’s definition of chronic homelessness. This means the applicant is currently living in an emergency shelter, or in a place not meant for human habitation and have been continuously homeless for one year or more or had at least 4 episodes of homelessness in the past 3 years.

Applications must have a documented disability. Priority is given to applicants with mental illness, drug/alcohol dependencies, or HIV/AIDS.

Households must meet Federal Low Income Housing Tax Credit Income Guidelines. Full-time students are not eligible for this program.
Disability and homelessness will be verified. The maximum occupancy for each efficiency unit is one person. 

Applications will be reviewed for eligibility and applicants will be asked to participate in at least two interviews. At no time during the application process will clients be guaranteed apartments until they sign a lease.
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Environmental Racism in East Cleveland

See video here: https://www.facebook.com/eric.j.brewer.9/videos/10158102669075634/

Descendants of Slaves or a dog? Who's plight do you think Cleveland's media chose to draw attention to today? Go to all the local media websites. What are reporters discussing on Fox8, WEWS, WOIO and WKYC? What's on Cleveland.com? What's radio discussing with the exception of WCPN?

Keyword “Noble Road toxic dump East Cleveland” and see for yourself how much attention Cleveland's media has given the hellish and life-threatening plight of the Descendants of Slaves and the Descendants of Europeans, Latins and Middle Easterners who live and work among us. Now look at the mutha fuckin' dog story.

I don't give a shit if reporters got issues with me. Tell the mutha fuckin' truth and I'm fine. Empower my people, all my people, and I'm fine.

I emailed a news release this morning to every news assignment editor in town. I'll share the email list of recipients at the bottom of this post. All these well-educated, award winning and self-congratulating journalists who pretend they care got the memo and an invitation.

I explained that Jim Riffle had been assaulted at his home in Hudson. I explained we were delivering residents the results of his tests. I provided an alternative perspective to the information the Plain Dealer's Jim McCarty wrote on Tuesday. I invited all to attend. I emailed copies of the same information I shared with you to them after the Noble Road residents were given the information. I also invited Ohio EPA employee Kurt Princic to attend.

I am not a media whore like these jake flake politicians posing with reporters and posting that bullshit all over their social media pages. Who cares? Nice empty suits. The point I'm making is that I only invite reporters to cover “significant” issues of public interest when the public has a need to know. I don't get off seeing and hearing my name and image all over the news. I'm a private citizen and a limited purpose public figure.

Right now there are thousands of East Cleveland, Cleveland, Cleveland Heights, South Euclid and Euclid residents who live near a deadly and life-threatening toxic dump. They need to know they're exposed to carcinogens that will kill them and affect their health, and FOX8, WEWS, WOIO, WKYC, WTAM, cleveland.com and other media outlets don't respect their lives enough to share. They'd rather use public airwaves to broadcast news about the health of a dog rather than a life threat to humans. It's sickening.

I'm going to issue this challenge to the town's civil rights lawyers, particularly those affiliated with Cleveland's NAACP chapter. Let's meet to discuss filing an FCC complaint and challenging the licenses of FOX8, WEWS, WOIO, WKYC and WUAB. The airwaves belong to the public, not corporate media owners. Their priorities are not ours.

I have the knowledge to demonstrate that the programming does not reflect this community's interest. I'm not yet prepared to editorially target their advertisers for a boycott, but I believe all who've kept up with this issue can see just from today's news coverage that human interests are not the concern of Cleveland's journalists.

And to the members of the Greater Cleveland Association of Black Journalists under the "esteemed" and Emmy nominated Harry Boomer ... what's your purpose? Y'all sit inside these newsrooms and allow us to be disregarded like this? This is an opportunity where your voices can be heard and you're silent? I was one of 4 black journalists with the Cleveland Press in 1981. Emmanuel Hughley will tell you that nothing about my mouth was shut when it came to me speaking up for constructive and empowering coverage of the Descendant of Slave community. Check my clips. I didn't role like y'all.

Truly, folk. The local media contempt for the humans who live in our community is sickening. Our health or the dog's, and they chose a dog who all he needs is to be fed and hugged.

I'm willing to bet the first story the media does is one where corrupt Oho EPA officials try to discredit Jimm Riffle's results. Go for it. The testing lab is owned by a former FBI agent.


newsdesk [at] wews [dot] com, newsdesk [at] wkyc [dot] com, tips [at] fox8 [dot] com, 19tips [at] woio [dot] com, jmccarty [at] plaind [dot] com, , sbroussard [at] plaind [dot] com, dharris [at] newsnet5 [dot] com, mnaymik [at] plaind [dot] com, pmorris [at] plaind [dot] com, mnolan [at] woio [dot] com, mnorman [at] plaind [dot] com, rachel dissell <rdissell [at] plaind [dot] com>, rjablonski [at] sunnews [dot] com, lmarks [at] plaind [dot] com, "Mitchell, Russ" russmitchell [at] wkyc [dot] com



As I promised, here is a link to environmental engineer Jim Riffle's test results at the Noble Road toxic dump.

Here's a link to Resolution 11-14 that authorized the dump operators to buy landbank land for redevelopment purposes only. The former mayor violated it.https://cloudspace.idrsolutions.com:8181/…/East…/index.html…

Here's a link to the ordinance East Cleveland city council enacted that only allowed the dump operators to prepare the land for redevelopment

Here a list of links to dump inspection reports from Cleveland officials who failed to conduct any tests.

Y'all got some reading to do. Please share the test results from the first link with everyone in the affected area.

I saw some of your comments about the Facebook live feed being interrupted. This was my first FB live broadcast. I learned that when people call the feed is interrupted. I'll check my phone to see if I can stop incoming calls when I go live. If you've got suggestions please share. This FB live shit is interesting. Hmmm. LOL.

I hope y'all got the information. If you have any questions let me know. I'm off to a meeting and will connect with you later for any questions about what happened today.