FBI ALERT:Planned 'Purge To Kill All Cops' -New Black Panther Party Advisor 'Attack Everything In Blue'(taste of tremont-sunday?

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On July 7, 2016 the FBI issued a "Potential Activity Alert," for "Violence Against Law Enforcement Officers and Riots Planned for 8-10 July, 2016," which is a day before 12 officers were ambushed and shot, killing 5 of them in Dallas Texas.

The alert stemmed from social media threats, after Alton Sterling was shot during an altercation with a local officer, calling for a planned "purge to kill all cops in Baton Rouge July 9." The alert depicts an image obtained from the social media posting of a masked man, reminiscent of the images of ISIS beheading victims, with a police offer on his knees, knife at his throat with blood gushing, with a caption stating "Baton Rouge Purge Starts July 9th 12a ends 5am July 10th... Rule1 Must Kill every Police!!!! Copy and Paste so noOne in your family be purge" (See image in embedded FBI Alert below)

While the social media posting lists July 9-10, the FBI alert ranges its alert from "Friday, 8 July, 2016 and continuing through at least 10 July 2016." The FBI Alert, embedded below, says that "According to information forawarded to the FBI New Orleans, multiple groups are calling for or planning riots and/or violence against law enforcement in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Shreveport, Lousiana beginning Friday, 8 July, 2016 and continuing through at least 10 July 2016."

See alert originally obtained by Judicial Watch below.

FOUO FBI SIR Planned Protests and Violence Against LE Louisiana 8 July....PDF uploaded by Susan Duclos 


I almost don't know where to start here, so lets take it from the top.  Given the amount of anti-police rhetoric since the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, with postings dated July 6, the FBI knew without a doubt that the danger, planned riots, protest and death threats, were to police all over the country, so why only the alert for Louisiana?

We already see reports that police have been targeted across the country, specifically noting attacks against police officers in TN, MO and GA

As was detailed yesterday in an ANP article titled "BLM Dallas False Flag -  Shooters 'Appear To Have Been Militarily Trained' - Black Power Group Issues Threat 'More Will Be Assassinated In The Coming Days!', the threats are not just aimed at Louisiana police as a group called "Black Power Political Organization,"  posted that there would be "more assassinated in the coming days," and encouraged followers to "get your own sniper rifle and join our thousands of sniper assassins worldwide." (Image of that posting in the previous article, here)

We also see that despite various reports on multiple shooters, the MSM has chosen to highlight just one, Micah X, an army vet that expressed his desire to kill "white people," but the threats are coming from all directions and is not focused just on Louisisana.

NBC local Dallas News claims Micah X was a "lone gunman," that shot all 12 police officers, killing 5, but we have screen shots of news articles showing multiple shooters.

This screen shot was taken from an NPR article yesterday.

The Daily Mail article we linked to yesterday, also referred to "shooters," - plural.


So the MSM has gone from the story of multiple shooters, to one man, despite video footage indicating shots from multiple weapons and previous reports of more than one shooter, leaving the remaining assassins free to move on to plan other attacks.

As ANP highlighted in a July 8th report, the bigger picture shows how the Dallas shooting ties in with the BLM plans to create conditions for martial law, a "summer of chaos," all in connection with the UN vehicle sightings and the much-talked about "global" police force to fight so-called "extemists," in the U.S., and below Alex Jones does an excellent job of breaking that down.


Other black groups are now jumping into the fray with the New Black Panther Party heading to Louisiana to protest what they call the "Baton Rouge Pig department," in yet another attempt to aim the focus on one state. 


According to Vocativ, a so-called "advisor" to the New Black Panther Party and head of the African American Defense League, Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere, is calling for a nationwide war on police and firemen, posting to Facebook "WE ARE CALLING ON THE GANGS ACROSS THE NATION! ATTACK EVERYTHING IN BLUE EXCEPT THE MAIL MAN, UNLESS HE IS CARRYING MORE THAN MAIL!"

The message was accompanied by an image of blue and red fists embracing each other and the hashtag #BloodsAndCripsUnite, in reference to the notorious street gangs, which are typically rivals.

He went on: “We are Calling [sic] on every gang (Crips and Bloods) and gangsta across the four corners to put in some work because these racist crackas have put themselves in your business. It’s time for the Crips and Blood to shed some blood. Know what um saying!?” In another post, he encouraged people to also kill firemen because “they are on the same side” as the police.

While Black Lives Matter if "officially" denouncing the slaughter of the police in Dallas, their supporters tell another story, shown in the image below from Infowars about how BLM supporters are celebrating the massacre:


More proof that supporters are "celebrating" the murder of police in Dalas, comes via a video where BLM supporters are dancing and celebrating the murder of 5 police officers, and doings so right in front of other Dallas police.


Both Obama's attorney general Loretta Lynch and Hillary Clinton are encouraging not just the racial divisions in the U.S. but working to expand those divisions into an all out race war, as Clinton blames "whites" and cops for the death of young black men, despite studies that have shown that police kill more whites than blacks, but the MSM highlights the black deaths more because they generate more "outrage."

Hillary has just made the bullseye target on every white person and police officer in America, bigger.

Lynch has also managed to speak from both sides of her mouth by encouraging Black Lives Matter to continue their protests that examples show have led to violence, riots, looting, vandalism and outright murder, by telling them not to allow the heinous violence that occurred in Dallas to silence their 'important' voices."

Joining those attempting to "blame whites," is the hate group Southern Poverty Law Center that is claiming it is white supremist groups that are attempting to start a race war, ignoring the fact that it is black radical groups calling for the death of police, firemen and whites across the country.


The murder of police in Dallas, the targeting of police across America, the encouragement and stoking of racial tensions by Obama, his adminsitration, and others such as Hillary Clinton, along with the inconsistencies in the reporting and changes made to reports, along with previous warnings about a "summer of chaos," all point to a larger picture, a long term plan coming to fruition.... a race war that will push the nation into a civil war, the disaming of American citizens, a declaration of martial law and the ultimate goal...... the takeover of America by the UN.



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