The FIRST woman to try and break the glass ceiling in the W/H has died. Geraldine Ferraro (1935-2011)

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Geraldine Ferraro dies: let's honor her memory by fearlessly doing something women aren't "supposed to" do ---copy---

First female VP candidate, Geraldine Ferraro dies at 75

Updated: Saturday, 26 Mar 2011, 2:11 PM EDT

BOSTON (AP) - Geraldine Ferraro, who in 1984 became the first woman to run for vice president on a major party ticket, only to lose in a landslide, died Saturday. She was 75.

Ferraro died at Massachusetts General Hospital, where she was being treated for blood cancer. She died just before 10 a.m., said Amanda Fuchs Miller, a family friend who worked for Ferraro in her 1998 Senate bid and was acting as a spokeswoman for the family.

An obscure Queens congresswoman, Ferraro catapulted to national prominence at the 1984 Democratic convention when she was chosen by presidential nominee Walter Mondale to join his ticket against incumbents Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush.

Delegates in San Francisco erupted in cheers at the first line of her speech accepting the vice-presidential nomination.

"My name is Geraldine Ferraro," she declared. "I stand before you to proclaim tonight: America is the land where dreams can come true for all of us."

Her acceptance speech launched eight minutes of cheers, foot-stamping and tears.


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The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) is deeply saddened by the loss of Geraldine Ferraro (1935-2011), a Member of the MMRF Honorary Board of Directors and a dear friend. Ferraro passed away this morning from complications following a long and courageous battle with multiple myeloma, an incurable blood cancer.

Thank God for trailblazers, Betty

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Ferraro....a woman before her time...

I recall being in fourth grade when Geraldine Ferarro took stage in our world to be the VP. I recall reading about her in scholastic weekly readers..... when children were still inspired to understand our local government, politics, and to have a wherewithall about the world around them.

Her actions were inspirational for many women. May God Bless her family and all the women who have aspired to higher degrees professionally after being inspired by such a woman!


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"