FLYER for ODOT meeting - noise walls 7-1-2010

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I-71 Pearl/W. 25th Street & Fulton Noise Wall Mitigation Project
When:    6:30 pm,THURSDAY, JULY 1ST
Where: Basement meeting room at the historic Jones Home (Applewood Centers) building - entrance is off the main parking lot in the back of the building that fronts W. 25th Street.  An elevator is provided.
Who:      ODOT and Great Lakes Construction
Tentative Agenda:
  1. Overview of Project
    a.       Planning and decision process
    b.      Final review and modifications to plans
    c.       Construction schedule
  2. Discussion on potential enhancement funding for additional landscape and tree plantings
  3. Q&A for general issues and for properties directly impacted by construction
NOTE: ODOT’s plans are currently to install noise walls from W.25th St. Pearl Rd. to Fulton Ave. on the south side of I-71 and from Pearl to W. 39th St. on the north side of I-71. ODOT has been requested to modify their plans and to not install a noise wall from W. 39th St. to Fulton Ave. on the south side of I-71, as well as back off the starting points of noise walls on both sides from Pearl Rd.  For any questions please contact Councilman Brian Cummins, Ward 14 at 216-664-4238., bcummins [at] clevelandcitycouncil [dot] org

See below and attached flyer.  Please distribute as appropriate.  Flyering began yesterday.

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Brian Cummins
Cleveland City Council, Ward 14
bcummins [at] clevelandcitycounci [dot] org

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Walls versus Bridges

  I would like to know when and how the preferred resident plan for lowered access roads and pedestrian bridges to address the damage done by the construction of  I-71 got switched back to walls.  I don't expect we will ever get an answer--just walls.